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  1. Brake switch could be bad too
  2. Push rod needs adjustment on the booster it may be out too much.
  3. CinnamonEdge

    Ford Edge Driver Door Latch recall?

    Well you might get your wish. NHTSA is investigating the issue. Mine wasn't letting me lock the doors or use my auto start. I consider no locks a serious problem. Ford did fix it under the original warranty. I hope that the extended warranty would cover it also.
  4. CinnamonEdge

    Film on 20 in chrome wheels

    I wax mine every other wash with a synthetic wax. It helps repel dust and makes it easy to clean. In the winter months it protects the wheels from the road salts.
  5. 1993 Ford Probe bought it in 1999 when I was in high school.
  6. CinnamonEdge

    Crack on driver side window

    Im under warranty until March 2019, 75k miles, no problems yet. But only have 30k.
  7. CinnamonEdge

    Crack on driver side window

    Im sure they wouldnt install it like that. but the design is weak . Its like holding a glass with a pair of pliers. I'm scared to close my doors now.
  8. CinnamonEdge

    SCT X3 Tuner

    I might be interested. What tunes are on it now? Who was the original seller? I was quoted three tunes for 200.00 from Unleashed Tuning.
  9. CinnamonEdge

    My temp button on a 2014

    my temp button? the only one I have is on the touch screen.
  10. CinnamonEdge

    Ford Emblem flaking and cloudly

    I'm going to drive to the dealer to see if they will replace it tomorrow.
  11. CinnamonEdge

    Ford Emblem flaking and cloudly

    My warranty ends on Wednesday March 30th,3016.
  12. CinnamonEdge

    Ford Emblem flaking and cloudly

    My front and rear ford emblems are showing signs of corrosion. The front is worse. The front emblem was replaced a couple years back. I showed my dealer 6 months ago and they said it's not bad enough. Shouldn't ford replace this again? It's much more noticeable now.
  13. CinnamonEdge

    Arm rest

  14. OMG. That is not right! get that towed back and have them replace the seal now that the vibrations probably ruined it. the blue stuff is Loctite so that the bolts cant come loose. it should not be showing at all.
  15. sorry just thought it was funny you have a milan and an edge? I have the same combo. Ignot silver Milan 2010.