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  1. jroc2004

    Blend doors

    So, in case anyone was wondering, my heater core was partially clogged. Flushed it out with a product called irontite thoroflush.
  2. jroc2004

    Ford edge issues

    I had this issue on my 09 edge. When I changed the plugs the first time, I used ngk brand. It felt like a transmission shifting issue but it was not. I changed the plugs back to new motorcraft and haven't had the issue since. It was almost like a misfire but it was never bad enough to be detected by scanner with a misfire counter. Could be plugs, maybe coils.
  3. jroc2004

    Blend doors

    Have 2009 edge, dual climate eatc. No heat on drivers side, heat only on passenger side. Drivers side and passenger side actuators work. Mode actuator works, and recirc actuator works. No codes from onboard eatc test, and no codes from obd scan. A/c works on both sides. Full coolant, no leaks. Do the blend door actuators move one door or 2 doors each? Malfunctioning eatc?