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  1. FordEdgeeeeee

    Ford edge issues

    Oh sorry about the confusion, trans fluid has been completely changed before but has been awhile. I don't think they did check the coils but when doing the spark plugs they said all the wiring and hoses are fine. I've never done anything to the maf or tb so will get that done. I'm changing the coolant after my trans flush. Just had power steering checked and topped off. Haven't had my ptu or rdu fluid serviced. Ok thanks will check it out.
  2. FordEdgeeeeee

    Ford edge issues

    Ok i see I'm not sure what brand the car shop uses or which one was in there before. From what I've just looked up seems like it could be my coils cause i have my own diagnostic thing which runs my car for error codes and nothing has ever showed up besides needing to change my battery. I'll change my coils and hope that resolves the issue thanks.
  3. FordEdgeeeeee

    Ford edge issues

    I just had spark plugs changed getting a transmission flush next week then coolant flush was told the transmission flush was needed mostly. i get oil changes regularly and fluids topped off but have never changed coils pcv valve or the other stuff. I have no leaks or anything was told transmission is fine and not slipping. Should I get some of those things done? also do you think it could have anything to do with the transfer case gearbox which I'm also told can't be serviced unless the transmission is pulled out.
  4. FordEdgeeeeee

    Ford edge issues

    I have a 08 ford edge sel awd. Has been great till now not sure what the issue is when changing gears i feel a slight bump been happening for about a 1month now. Also when driving or accelerating to a faster speed I get like a jerk or maybe like it's hesitant to speed up more i always feel the huge bump right under the car sometimes constantly for like a week then goes away for a few weeks, also when accelerating my tires feel like there not keep up with the speed like there not rotating properly it feels like bumpy then it'll stop if I slow down then the tires feel normal. I got my spark plugs changed thinking that was the issue with accelerating but it's continuing. I've taken it in to the shop to get diagnostic test/drive it but it didn't happen when they drove it so any suggestions would help greatly or if anyone else is experiencing this. i have about 166,000 miles on it. Ik it's alot.
  5. FordEdgeeeeee

    Odometer issue

    Thanks just got in and fixed it. Still learning the functions of the car.
  6. FordEdgeeeeee

    Odometer issue

    Error data showed up first at the top of my odometer then went off but I can still see mileage but then this came on saying, time1 99.59.59 is on and won't go off. No warning light's have appeared not once on the sides. Anyone know what this is. It's a Edge 2008 sel awd.