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  1. I also have the same vehicle (with 82,000 on it) - but just started having trouble with the power liftgate. It opens just fine, but when reaching the top, starts beeping multiple times rapidly and closes automatically. When turning off the power liftgate option, it won't stay up. This tells me the struts (liftgate support) is failing and I just need to install new ones. Am I correct in that diagnosis?
  2. same issue here - my wife closed the roof on one of the side pieces and now it's buggered up - i am trying to find replacement pieces online but can't seem to figure out what they're called. Anyone know? Dealers will charge too much for this, I fear, but i may have to do that as a last resort. Ed - Chattanooga, TN edrusk@bellsouth.net
  3. hey Dave - what did you ever find for your accordian panels (i presume those are the rubber side pieces?
  4. Anyone have problems with their side rubber seals getting caught in the sunroof when it closes? I have a 2012 Edge w the panoramic roof and the drivers side accordian-style rubber trim is buggered up from being caught in it when my wife closed it. it kept popping off the track anyway, and she didn't notice it. I'm trying to find a replacement part for it, but can't find it online. Anyone else with this issue? Ed - Chattanooga edrusk@bellsouth.net
  5. edrusk

    First Oil Change?

    check to see if you have synthetic in your Edge (most likely you do) and thus the dealership will suggest oil changes every 10,000 miles. Saves you a few bucks.
  6. thanks! I'll give it a go so I can get this soup smell out. The Potato Chowder soup tasted great, but after 3 days sitting in the car it's not smelling real good. HA!
  7. I have a 2012 Ford Edge SEL, Ecoboost. I spilled a crock pot of soup - yes, stupid me for not keeping my fingers on it as i was driving. It spilled all over the passenger floor board. Fortunately the rubber mats caught most of it, but not all of it. I cleaned up what I could, but am considering taking it to a detailing center to get the carpet cleaned. Before I do that I thought I'd seek advice from my fellow Edge friends. How tough is it to take out the front passenger seat so i can clean the carpet? Any instructions out there? It has to be cleaned, as the soup smell will get overpowering in a couple days.
  8. This is great information - thanks! Like Candurin - i consider myself fairly handy but the intricate things I get nervous with. Your detailed pics and instructions are very helpful. I think I've give this a shot. Worst case, I can take it to the local auto-trim shop and ask them to install it for $50 or so. It's still way cheaper than $350 for the mirror.
  9. I have a 2012 Edge SEL and was surprised to find out it came without Homelink. I didn't even think about it and hate having the garage door opener on the visor on tucked away out of site. I've searched online a bit but can't seem to find a reasonable priced place to find the mirror. Anyone have an idea on this? I figured it would be fairly easy to change out the mirror (though I may be wrong). The dealership wants $350 for a new rear view mirror w homelink. that just feels like a ripoff, so i'm looking for options. Ed Chattanooga, TN
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