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  1. Mine does the same thing. I wonder If my 5 will be any different? I doubt it
  2. Installed the update yesterday. So far not noticing any diff except for the temp display. I'm all for fixing bugs!
  3. Well, I just had my 3rd (maybe 4th) reboot since the update. I had to do a master reset because my bluetooth audio controls went away. I called the help phone number and the lady recommended a master reset. I explained to her of the problems that I'm still having and that my dealer does not know much about this system. I also asked if they are looking at a patch in the near future, and she told me they are working on one and they do have quite a few known issues, but there is no ETA for the patch yet. I also told her of my buttons turning red problem. THis has happened twice to me, all buttons on screen turn a bright red, and the only fix is to press each button or do a master reset. Anyone else had the "red button" problem?
  4. Well I dropped my edge off at the dealer, I've been having issues with the sirius travel link traffic disappearing off of the map. I'm done a couple master resets and pulled the battery, so I gave up and drop it off at the dealer, we'll see what they say
  5. Well, I gave up and did a master reset and then my traffic showed up. Ill give it the benefit of the doubt because I was going for two weeks without a nav SDcard and getting an error every time I started the car. will see if it looses traffic again
  6. Nope, they just took my vin number and my mileage and gave me a card
  7. recieved my package yesterday! well...I already have had the update for a week or so (downloaded from syncmyride.com and picked up a SD card from dealer) Any ideas of what I should do with the USB stick and Nav SD card? Maybe format the USB stick and use it as a thumbdrive sporting the ford logo....but what about SD card?
  8. on the drive to work today (about 45 minutes in total) my traffic still never showed up. I refuse to do any fuse pulling with this new update. Everything else works perfectly (weather, sports, fuel prices) just no traffic lines anymore. Maybe I can try a sirius refresh signal. I did notice a couple days ago i randomly got a "subscription updated" message on my radio, and after that is when my traffic stopped showing up. The info screen says I am subscribed to everything still.......hmmm
  9. Ill see if mine shows up today. It was working fine after the update...and just disappeared yesterday.
  10. First bug. My traffic on my maps is no longer there. I no longer have the green lines next to roads for traffic. Maybe a travel link hiccup? Weather and stuff still works
  11. I noticed that too. I've only seen green line so far, I'm hoping that yellow or red is more obvious
  12. I'll give u 10 dollars No? Fine......
  13. Glad to see everyone is getting their update!
  14. Here are a couple edited for size pictures from the zoo. not as cool as an edge though
  15. Well, i'll trade you straight up the J1 for the D7000 then you can give your wife a nice present for St. pattys day
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