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  1. Pete K

    ignition coil malfunction

    Changed the plugs this weekend at 130K. All is still well with my repair.
  2. Pete K

    ignition coil malfunction

    It's been a long time. As stated early in this thread, I repaired my 07 with new parts as per the TSB. 96,000 miles on it now, and no repeat failure. Knock on wood. I may toss in a new set of spark plugs at 100K.
  3. Pete K

    2007 Orange Edge Review

    Just to update the thread: After a many month battle, Ford did refund my money for the coil/pcm repair. The new pcm received the latest programming, and this greatly improved the transmission shifting. It is much more enjoyable to drive. The PTO seal eventually did start to leak excessively, and wiping it down every oil change was not an option. I did install the updated seal kit (which included a support spacer). In order to solve the muffler insulator sagging situation, I lightly clamped hose clamps around them. This way they maintain their shape, and still do their job of dampening vibrations. Because the trans shifts better, I would upgrade my rating to a B minus.
  4. Pete K

    DIY PTU Seal Fix?

    My 07 has 45,000 miles, and has never been apart until today. It had no plastic spacer from the factory. The deflector was a bear. I would up chipping a careful groove in it with a sharp chisel. You photo was helpful because it gave me an estimate of where things were, and what to avoid. I had more difficulty installing the new deflector. No matter how much I heated it, it did not "snap" into position as described. I used a driver to re-install the new one, and did not want to hit it any harder for fear of causing harm. Instead of being 3-5mm below the machined edge, it is flush with that edge. I plan to keep my eye on it for a while. If it does pop loose, I have a plan b. It is only a dust seal, so I will cut a slot in it with a hacksaw (a new deflector), snap it in, and dress the edge and seam with a bead of RTV. This way, it will stay put, deflect debris, and be easily removed next time, with a razor slice. Based on the design as I see it, I will likely be installing another intermediate seal couple of years down the road.
  5. Pete K

    Spark plug/tune-up cost?

    Plenum Gaskets and plugs are $50. It took me 2 hours, and I am certain a dealership can do it in 1 hour. Unless the dealership hourly rate is $160-$320 dollars per hour this us not reflective of the going rate.
  6. Pete K

    DIY PTU Seal Fix?

    Ok, I have completed this project. I am not suprised they leak. In my opinion, they have no choice due to the poor design. Pass side half shaft (including the attached intermediate shaft) is close to (if not more than) 3 feet long. About midway, the shaft is supported by a rigid mount. The end in the PTU is only jigged by the splines. I am shocked that Ford did not install a bushing or bearing into the opening of the PTU intermediate shaft bore. In my opinion, it has to move around and compromise the seal. The good news is that the most recent kit not only includes a replacement seal, but it includes a plastic collar that installs on top of the seal. The intention is to use the intermediate shaft bore to support the seal, and the new collar, assisting to take some of the load off the seal, during the wobble. The plastic seal is a semi-rigid plastic, so I cant imagine it going 100k miles, or more.
  7. Pete K

    AWD intermediate shaft seal question

    I will dig into the book and try to find them.
  8. Pete K

    AWD intermediate shaft seal question

    Thanks for the fast reply. I believe my understanding of the unit, and my terminology was wrong. Intermediate Shaft Seal is what is leaking ATF on mine. My manual shows the following torque values: Drive Pinion Nut- 27 inch lbs Driveshaft to PTU output flange bolts- 52 Foot lbs Fill Plug- 15 Foot lbs PTU Cover Bolts- 24 Foot lbs PTU Support Bracket Bolts- 52 Foot lbs PTU to Transaxle Bolts- 66 Foot lbs
  9. Pete K

    AWD intermediate shaft seal question

    Did you replace the output shaft seal, or the seal that is between the trans and PTU? You snap any photos?
  10. Pete K

    TSB 08-12-3 Wanted

    My humble thanks!!
  11. Pete K

    DIY PTU Seal Fix?

    I didn't find anything is a seach. I will snap many pictures, and possibly do a write up on it.
  12. Looking for the TSB in the title that references the PTU fix. If anyone has it, can you send it to my e-mail? vrodpete@msn.com Thanks.
  13. Pete K

    DIY PTU Seal Fix?

    Has anyone performed the PTU seal replacement themselves? Any tips or tricks?
  14. Pete K

    Burning smell and black-colored oil leak...

    Gear oil looks like motor oil. Lighter color when new, and darkens to black as it ages, and absorbs dirt. One tool that can narrow it down in a hurry is a $50 UV dye kit. Dump in a little bit of the dye, drive for a day or 2, put on the magic glasses and turn on the light. It will glow green, all the way back to the exact leak point. Once you onw one, you will wonder why you didnt buy it years earlier.