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  1. I've got a LOADED FWD Ford Edge Limited in Mineral Gray with charcoal leather interior. This car is really sharp, in essentially mint condition, and loaded with almost every available option including the Ford My touch system with navigation, factory upgraded Sony stereo, power lift gate, panoramic sunroof, blind-spot awareness, cross-path collision detection, and 20" polished chrome rims. I'm looking to transfer the remaining portion of the lease as we just got another car so this vehicle is unnecessary. Note that the pictures are not of my exact vehicle, but it looks identical and is it mint condition - really a beautiful vehicle - pictures can be provided on request or stop out for a test drive. Current Lease payments are $550 for the remaining term, but I would do a cash rebate up-front of over $1300 to offset the monthly cost down to $440 per month. If you have any questions, Please contact me at steve.craigslist.phl@gmail.com. You can view the ad on craigslist here: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/4367821645.html
  2. nice! what is the brand and how much were they per wheel?
  3. I have a Limited with the Sony HD stereo and moonroof and i have to say that i LOVE both of those options and couldn't imagine having the car without them. The panoramic moonroof is the closest thing to a convertible and I have it open pretty much every day unless it's raining. The stereo kicks butt and truly caps off my driving experience. That being said, $7k more is a LOT of money to pay just to get those two options (so let's say around a $5k premium on top of the Edge you're looking at)... so you're in a tough spot. Are you going to keep it a long time, like more than 3 years? If so, you might want to get the car optioned out exactly as you want it today. If you're like me and only keep cars for 3 years, suck it up and save the $$ now. Also, I have the V6 and like the power it puts out. I would have gotten the Ecoboost, but they say at current gas prices the Ecoboost will take about 4-years to pay itself back (and i'm in it for 3). Besides, you're getting such a sweetheart deal that it should negate any price premium for the upgrade.
  4. Yes, I'm well aware of the feature and love it, but a lot of times I just want to see the list to be reminded of what's there, especially when I have a 30+ song playlist of various artists. In addition, a lot of the titles of the songs are long and/or include artist information that's too long to be recognized by Sync (though it does a fantastic job overall of understanding me)
  5. i know how to browse through my iPhone library and select by album, artist, playlist or single, but what i don't know how to do is to go back and look at the list of music that's currently playing to see the rest of the songs in the playlist... that is, unless i start the Browse process over again. Help would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes i want to select another song out of a playlist that contains 40+ songs and don't want to individually skip each song. Id rather see them all on screen (a i do when i first bring a playlist up) and select the desired row directly. thanks!
  6. I'm sorry to hear you didn't make out well with your Edge. I'm a tech-addict and am very picky about how my electronics operate and I'm quite satisfied thus far. Of course, time will tell if things change, but my phone plays nicely with my Edge, voice recognition actually works (even with the panoramic sunroof open), and people can have a conversation with me and hear me clearly at speed with the sunroof and windows (somewhat) open. Amazing!
  7. I thought about that and think I'm mostly happy with the sound of the factory system. If anything, I feel like the sub could use a little more presence (i'm sure if it were bigger and constructed of a slightly better cone, it would kick pretty well). Have you modified your factory system and, if so, about how much time did you put into it and what was the level of effort / skill required? Also, what brand speakers did you replace the stock tweeters / woofers with?
  8. Folks, I'm swapping out my brand new 2012's front grill that came with a factory-installed license plate bracket for one with no front plate bracket (I like the front naked). The part I'm replacing coming off of a week-old car with no damage, ground in bugs, or chips. Where can I sell this thing?
  9. I am loving my 2012 leftover Edge Limited that I took delivery of about 2 weeks ago. I traded it on a 2010 Acura MDX and have never been happier. To be honest, I wish I would have taken a closer look at the Edge when I was shopping for my Acura two years ago... The ride is much smoother, the tech is better, and it has all of the power of the MDX without the need for premium fuel. Also, fuel mileage is markedly better than the Acura. The only area I'd say that the Acura beat my Edge is in the stereo system (and that is a very important component in my overall car experience), but it only slightly edges it out, so I'm still very satisfied with it. Also, the voice recognition software is MUCH better than anything I've ever used before. So much so that I actually use it on a regular basis for everything from making calls, to playing songs, to entering navigation destinations on the fly (VERY impressive).
  10. geez, I'm a little bummed by the news that the '14 will be redesigned... especially since i just signed a 3-year lease and i always love the latest and greatest... this also means that when my current edge lease is up, i'll be just on the cusp of (but not yet in time for) another redesign
  11. I'm not sure what the current money factors are for the 2013's but i just purchased a 2012 Limited and found that it actually saved me money to keep the down payment in my pocket. To illustrate, my payment on a 3-year lease was $450 with $3000 down. When i asked how much more it would be to reduce my down-payment by $1000, they told me it would only cost me $24 more per month. Over a 36-month lease, that $24 extra per month would total $864 vs me putting out $1000 right now... see what i'm saying? So i lowered my down-payment to $0 and saved around $400 over the life of the lease... and that $3k is in my pocket and can work for me (a couple of shares of AAPL) now instead of into the car.
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