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    Remote start on lock doors

    I got it to start remotely again by just randomly pushing the lock and unlock button... I didn't figure out the combination yet but...I have a remote start
  2. LivingInTheEdge

    Remote start on lock doors

    For the remote start? So the regular key fob without the remote start button could be programmed to operate the RS? @akirby: Yeah, nothing on the user's guide. I have no idea if it's an OEM or not but it seems to have one...which is nice, just need to learn how to use it. Thaks guys
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2008 Edge Limited. I love it but today when I locked the doors with the key fob (2x lock button), and what happened is that the engine started... I didn't know I had a remote start on the car. I guess it should have a separate button on the key fob? And I guess it should not start the vehicle when locking it? If I indeed have the remote start function how do I operate it? Thanks for help!