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  1. hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. got a bit of a problem with my wife's 08 edge limited after a new battery was installed. i have a few dash lights that are on and won't go away. i haven't had it scanned or taken it to the dealer yet, as i don't think it needs that just yet. plus i'm mechanicaly inclined enough to try and figure this out. or maybe i'm too cheap lol . but on to the problem. it had a shifting flare going from first to second gear for a while, but after a 10 miles it seemed to fix it. so that's not the biggest deal. nav system thinks we are going south when we are going north, need help with this! how to fix it. dash lights that are on all the time, emergency brake, wrench light, abs, traction control. need help on this!! thanks in advance you guys!!