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    '12 SEL Grill Replacement

    Hey all! I have found someone willing to swap my chrome grill for the black. Any idea where I can find a link, or page, on how-to remove the grill? Any help would be immensely appreciated, guys! R.
  2. Hey all! I'm really new to the Ford Edge Forum and I just wanted to throw this out there. So, here it goes... I'm looking to expand my design portfolio with some pro-bono work. I do almost any kind of graphic design and also do forum "signatures", like mine just below. I also provide logo touchup or complete design services. If you're interested, please drop me a line. If you want to check some of my work, check out on Dribbble. Thanks! R.
  3. iBraeson

    Graphic Designer — Looking to do some pro-bono

    I have a basic idea of what you're looking for, kc300c. What is your company name?
  4. Hey guys! So, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm Rob, aka Braeson (@braeson) or iBraeson (@ibraeson). I'm from Alberta, Canada and I own a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with 2.0L EcoBoost. Not only do I have a new Edge, I'm also BRAND NEW to the Ford name. Some background. In December of last year, I drove a 2006 Buick Allure CX. The tranny gave way as I accelerated at a green light. Just toast, gone. I was down to a couple options. Either pay the $4000+ to repair, or go buy new. I went with the second option. My wife and I settled on the Ford Edge, in Tuxedo Black. (Admittedly, neither of us were big on Ford, up until recently.) The EcoBoost and the research and write-ups I've read on it was the real deciding factor. And, WOW!. Are we ever happy with this decision! I picked it up nearly a month later on January 4th, 2012. The harder decisions I have to make now, are the mods and addons. (LOL!) Here's some of my "planned" projects: - KMC Rockstar wheels - HID conversion kit [if anyone has some advise here, that'd be great as I can't find decent HIR2 (9012) kits. Even a retrofit solution] (Ideally, I'd like to find blacked out hardware with HID projectors and LED halos) - Superchip (Only a maybe right now) - Cold-air intake (Again, suggestions would be amazing, guys) - Matte finish the chrome grill That's all I have so far. For now... Looking at the future of Ford and where they're leading to industry, I can't see us driving anything but now. Look forward to chatting with you all soon. R.
  5. iBraeson

    New SEL w. EcoBoost Owner (Alberta)

    Thanks, Joe! I didn't mean "settle" as in "oh, it'll do". I meant that we decided on it. I did opt for the PremiumCare so I should look into what I can and cannot do. Thanks, again.