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  1. Luis J Munoz

    New Owner Power Liftgate needs attention?

    What directions did you use to change out the actuator rod? I've been looking at it but can't figure how to get to the base of the motor without removing the entire side panel.
  2. Luis J Munoz

    Power liftgate intermittently doesn't open 100%

    What procedures did you use to replace the actuator? The local dealer wanted $600 to do it and I can't handle that.
  3. Driving a 2011 Ford Edge Limited. No roof rails. I have always been a planner and didn't want to get stuck with figuring out a solution when I needed it most. If you have a load where you have to drive with the lift partially open, (i.e. purchasing a christmas tree) how do you secure it so it isn't completely up in the air when driving. I have looked around and seen some people engage the lock and tie it to that. I also saw tht suburu has a small hole that you can expose to hook into. Just wondering if anyone here has figured out a good alternative. Thanks, if you have pictures of your solution that would be great.