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  1. Phillmatchett

    Official Aftermarket Wheel Thread

    I'm getting some winter tires and my options are limited with 22s. I'm dropping down to 20s. I still want to keep a bigger rim, not interested in going less then a 20. I decided on some Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Lattitude tires. I debated on rims for awhile, but i've been looking at some that are 20x8.5 with a 38 offset. This is fairly close to my stock set-up of 22x9 with a 38/39 offset I do believe. This will retract my rim inwards from the fender roughly 5-6mm and also give me 5-6mm clearance near the axle , which isn't much, but if anything I was hoping to push the wheels out a hair more. I can always use some small spacers, but was hoping to get away from that. They seems to be sold out of the 25 offset that comes with these wheels, but from what I noticed the Edge is listed as 35 - 45 offset so I'm not sure if it's recommended to dip below those listed figures. And I was also wondering about going with a wider rim instead? They also come in 10" wide rims, but that will put me 13mm out further, which is more then I originally wanted along with 13mm closer to the brakes etc..
  2. Phillmatchett

    Rim Suggestions

    1010tires.com has a decent offset calculator if you're looking to match your originals. As long as you know the width and offset of both rims. Those rims are nice. Motegi MR116 - Black/Red Stripe - I think they go up to 18s - Some don't care for the red stripe Dub Push s110 Black - They can get pretty big, depends if you like that many spokes
  3. Phillmatchett

    TPMS - Winter

    Yes, some things I'm willing to spend money on others I'm not. This just seems like one of those things that I probably won't dish out the cash. Unless of course the wife says she wants them! : )
  4. Phillmatchett

    TPMS - Winter

    Well, I'm buying my tires/rims online, so they'll balance them for me. Shipping is free, but I recall them wanting $59.99 for the TPMS for each wheel. $250.00 seems a little much.
  5. Phillmatchett

    Curb 1, me zero

    It happens. It gets easier the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and so on! : )
  6. Phillmatchett

    TPMS - Winter

    Hello, I'm purchasing a set of tires/rims for winter. Just curious if it's really worth getting the TPMS with them? Personally the indicator light on the dash won't bother me. Just seems like another money grab. I have no problem checking my tire pressure once a month. I'm really leaning toward not getting them, just thought I'd see what some others had to say. I read some some opinions on the winter tire topic as well. I'm picking up some Toyo Observe GS1-5 tires in 245/50r20 for the winter. I'm downsizing from my 22" rims for the winter. I've read some good reviews on these tires, and I'm getting them for CAD260.00/each free shipping. Anyone ever own a set? Also, plan on picking up some Touren TR9 rims in matte black. They're fairly cheap rims for 20s and I wanted some black rims. I'd would be nice to see them in person before buying.. Any opinions on them? Thanks
  7. Phillmatchett

    HID Problems

    Yes, I have the capacitor connected, but not the resistors. I'm not getting any warning lights on my dash.
  8. Finished installing HIDs in my 2013 Ford Edge Sport "Canadian Version" and everything seemed fine at first. Both lights came on, althought some minor flickering at first with intial start-up, but RetroFit said that it was normal. Noticed some problems next day when I decided to take it for a road test. My lights would't turn on in auto. I had to put the car in park and rotate the dial back and forth and eventually they'd work. Now my driver side won't come on at all. I have the 5Five ballasts, with the relay harness, along with a capacitor. I also have couple resistors, but was told I don't need them as long as I'm not getting any lights/errors on my display/dash. I have two canbuses kicking around as well since I was sent them by mistake, they aren't installed. I decided to redo my grounds, since some might not of been the best choices. I grounded everything to the chassis and made sure to sand off any paint. I just have the one ground with the fuse going to the positive terminal of the battery as recommended. I'm going to recheck my connections and grounds again today. Any suggestions before I give Retrofit a call. I noticed a lot of people ran into some problems installing HIDs here.
  9. Phillmatchett

    Slotted/Drilled Rotors

    They do happen to come with pads. As long as stopping power is equal to stock it's not an issue with me. It's more about the look. Good info. Definitely wouldn't want to feel the slots through the pedal/wheel. I had them on a previous car and didn't have any issue. I'll likely take my chances. Phil, we have powerstop slotted/cross-drilled on our 2007 Edge. They work AMAZING in conjunction with a set of ceramic brake pads. Only warning is that the rotors are zinc-coated to keep a nice silver finish for around a year. After a year, some surface rust starts to show on the vents/hub. This can be coated with High-Heat paint by Rustoleum. I would highly recommend the rotors/pads though! Awesome. Do you have any pics of them on your vehicle. I skimmed through some of your pictures and didn't happen to notice any. Thanks
  10. Phillmatchett

    Slotted/Drilled Rotors

    Anyone have aftermarket rotors? Looking at possibly purchasing some Power Stop rotors from AutoAnything. They seem to have great reviews regarding stopping power. As long as it s equal to my stock I m more so interested in the look.
  11. Phillmatchett

    Powder Coating Rims

    Shipping from the States would likely be expensive for rims along with the cost of duty fees. I'm sure I could find some decent deals in Canada, but I like my current rims. Powder coating would cost be roughly 600.00 which isn't very much, especially with my location. Any mechanical work on vehicles is 200.00/hr. I'll likely plasti dip them first. It'll make the decision a lot easier.
  12. Phillmatchett

    Issue with AdvanceTrac warning

    I'm having a very similar issue as you. I don't need to restart to fix mine, it usually only lasts a few seconds. They told me they found an error code, but I don't know any details yet.
  13. Phillmatchett

    Powder Coating Rims

    Anyone have their stock rims powder coated? I'm looking at getting my 22's powdered black.
  14. Phillmatchett

    Service Advance Trac & Yellow Wrench

    Thanks for the responses. I did make an appointment and they got back an error code. But they had to call the help line and said it would likely take couple days to receive a reply. They have called since and I'm booked again to get it fixed. They didn't quite explain the problem to me though. I'll find out when I bring it in for the appointment. It's good to know that I have options. Thanks
  15. Not sure if this is the best forum to post this. I m having two issues, both happening at different times with my 2013 Sport. Had the dealership look at the Advance trac once already. They just reset the computer from my understanding. But it kept happening along with the yellow wrench showing up twice and the vehicle seemingly lost power but was reving high. It occurred in the snow both times. My only real concern is there any chance they ll try and pin this on my cold air intake if they need to do repairs? Thanks