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    "soft" brake issue

    Now Ford says it's the ABS HCU and wants over $1400 to fix it. I called all the local Dealerships and they want $1200 to $1500 to fix. Does anyone know of another solution? This car has 185k miles on it and I'm not ready to give up on it yet but I am hesitant to spend that much to fix it.....solutions please!!
  2. David Pratt

    "soft" brake issue

    Is that easy to do? If so can you give me the reader's digest version?
  3. David Pratt

    "soft" brake issue

    I started experiencing "soft brakes" on my 2008 Ford Edge after about 4 years/170k miles. My "local" repair shop replaced the master cylinder and bled the lines several times on several visits and then referred me to The Ford Dealership near me. Fored could not come up with any answers. My 16 year old daughter is now driving this car and I want the brakes in proper working order...has anyone else had this problem an if so how was it rectified?
  4. David Pratt

    Air Conditioner Weak?

    My A/C is weak now but not for the first 3 years/150k miles...I am in Florida and drive all over the SE. I had no trouble until after 150K.