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  1. Pics of my K&N CAI!
  2. G8T0r

    DFW Ford Edge Sport

    DFW Ford Edge Sport
  3. G8T0r

    MPG Question

    If i run 95% highway miles at 75MPH, I live in Texas, with a few bumps to 90MPH for passing, i get 22.5-23 MPG. I'm about 8k into my 2013 Ford Edge Sport FWD.
  4. G8T0r

    2012 11 19 17.01.02

  5. My Samsung Galaxy S3 functions with it, using my phone's phone number. Unfortunately i use Google Voice, different number ran via software app, and doesn't play through the Sync system.
  6. G8T0r

    2011 edge sport cold air intake ?????

    K&N model specific. http://www.knfilters.com/cold_air_intake/ford_edge.aspx
  7. FYI, K&N currently does! http://www.knfilters.com/cold_air_intake/ford_edge.aspx