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  1. Texasopa

    Nav voice real low

    Worked I figured it was something easy, Thanks.
  2. Texasopa

    Nav voice real low

    Thanks, I'll try that, I gotta be quick, she doesn't talk long
  3. This just started a few days ago on a trip. It was fine when we started and during the trip something changed. The Sync voice is fine, just the Nav prompts voice is about 1/2 of sync voice. Any ideas anybody. Thanks in advance.
  4. Texasopa

    Mute Button

    Sorry if I came off snarky? You came off condescending... That's what you get on written forums sometimes. I asked if I was just not seeing a mute somewhere, you tell me to use the volume button?? I have a hearing deficiency, and I use hearing devices to help correct it. It takes me a little longer to get the volume set to the correct volume. There is a fine line being able to understand speech and getting feedback. I'll keep just turning it off. Sorry if I offended you.
  5. Texasopa

    Mute Button

    Your Funny, I could just reach over and turn the window crank until its down also, oh yeah it has one button down, so you don't have to hold it. All vehicles I've had in the last 15 yrs have had a mute button. Buy a cheaper edge that doesn't have voice control and you get a mute button. I just use my on/off button on radio, then it goes back to my correct volume. I think it should be pretty easy to have a mute function programmed with a cluster control action. ( that's the two big square four way switchs with the button in the middle) I was really wondering if I had just missed it or something, I have control with the off on switch. :hyper:
  6. Am I Missing something? I have a 2013 Limited, and can't find an audio mute button anywhere, I just turn audio off when needed.
  7. I can send and receive with my Galaxy S III, but you cant send unless you are stopped, will not let you do it moving. You might check your to see if it shows up when your stopped.
  8. Just to let everyone know, I got a Samsung Galaxy III and it works great.
  9. I have AT&T You have to turn on the text to voice feature in the phone settings. The second time it hooked up it didn't work, so I turned it on again in settings. It then asked if I wanted to do it all the time in the future. It has worked since.
  10. I was able to upgrade my phone, due to contract renewal. I had a iPhone 4gs, that would Bluetooth with no problem. But no text to voice. I got a new Samsung Galaxy S III. The text to voice does work on that. It will read it and I can repeat it, if I need to by the right steering wheel button. If I'm not moving it will show the text on the main screen if I want. I also get a screen after that with about 15 reply's if I want to send one. I guess what I'm getting at I knew my iphone wouldn't do what I wanted, when I upgraded my phone I made SURE to get one that did. I started a thread on here, just to be sure I did, I didn't trust the list from Sync my Ride, and I didn't know how current it was, but my new phone IS on the list. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/11617-what-phone-for-mft-text-to-voice/ But, I still don't know what I can do now that I have my EDGE hooked up to my home wireless??
  11. Mine works great after I got a new phone.....
  12. Mine is all numeric, so I was able to enter mine, but what good does it do? What can you do on wifi?
  13. I push the sync voice button, and say services. It dials the phone and says you have received directions to XYZ, do you want to accept? (or something like that) Don't know if it will work without data?
  14. I would want assurance that the Lemon Law buyback is NOT shown on the title at all. But still, Carfax will probably show it. Have you looked at a carfax on it? I guess if the price was discounted big enough, you wouldn't have to worry about anybody wanting it when your ready to get rid of it. I wouldn't be worried about the vehicle, they have probably fixed that. I would be worried about my monetary future with it.