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  1. Hello guys, in the link above he replaced the turn signal with switchback without any resistors. I really want to do the same. but I have a problem that when I searched for the type of the bulb (3157) I found two categories STANDARD base and CK base. can anyone please tell me which one would work on the EDGE 2013 without resistors. Thank you so much
  2. Thank you again for your replay.. so do you think happen to every Edge ?? is it normal after 15 months??? because I have my EDGE on the dealers' warranty ..but I want to make sure that I have a valid point to ask them to replace it or fix it if they can..I don't want to go then argue with them and the end it is normal if you know what I mean did you see that on EDGE before??? sorry for asking a lot of questions but I'm really confused..thank you again
  3. Hello everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading the audio system on my EDGE 2013, I honestly liked the Sony System audio sound when I got the car first, but now I got used to it and in fact I think the speakers are not crystal clear enough to my ears. Therefore, I’m planning to replace 4doors with Kappa infinity speakers. But after a lot of research including Cruchfiled advising; I'm a bit confused if just replacing the speakers going to be just fine to have the clarity with the sound balance of SONY SYNC system. Or do I have to install an amp? cuz the only thing keeps me away from adding the amp is that I do NOT want to lose any of the SYNC features after amp installation such as (Wheel steering audio control, command voice, etc) rather than audio distribution balance. To make myself clearer, I do NOT want to end up with endless problems with electricity after adding an amp or missing up the SYNC. I'm saying that cuz as you know SONY SYNC is kinda touchy and I'm really worried of any modifications will screw it up. Apologizing for the long story, but I really need your experience of such a modification and your advise will be highly appreciated.
  4. I have a ford Edge limited 2013, one day after washing it I get closer to HID projectors and noticed that they are kinda dirty at the bottom of the projectors. I am just not sure if that is normal over time!! since I have the car now for 15 months..Please advise me on this issue..
  5. Hello everyone, I'm really looking for chrome grille for my edge limited 2013 to replace the original since it got scratched. I know most edge owners want to get their grille plastidip and so , but in my case I really like the original chrome grille on my black edge and I have been looking online and the one I've found on Ford website is pre-painted , which means it needs to be painted. ( I don't know do they paint it with chrome or what to make the original one) the chrome grille is available at Ford here in my country but it costs around $770, I'm not sure if installation is included though. so please guys tell me from where I can get a brand new chrome grille for edge 2013 and estimation for the cost. Thanks a lot for your help
  6. hey guys, would you please guys let me know what fuel type is better to use in my Ford Edge 2013..Unleaded or premium?
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering what I can use on my Ford Edge 2013 grill and rims for cleaning and protection ...I want to keep my plastic chrome such (grill and rims) shiny forever...I have been searching for products but I could not find any..so what do you think guys, is it safe to use PlastiX Meguires on Edge's grill and rims to clean and protect.
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