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  1. Thanks and appreciate the detailed explanation. The mechanic did mention that it would take 2 days to remove and fix the evaporator/cooler, and they have to remove the entire dashboard.
  2. Hi, The gas in my ac tends to leak and finish quickly (within 2 months), accompanied by bad smell. I have been told this is most likely due to the AC cooler leak. Would this be the condenser or the evaporator ? Has anyone else faced this problem ?
  3. taal2020

    Hazard warning lights turn on by themselves

    Hi, The touch hazard on 2011 Ford Edge doesnt work. The part # for the panel is BT4Z-18842-CA. Is there to replace only the hazrd touch or I assume the entire control panel needs to be replaced. I read that you replaced your with panel with button as the hazard switch. Can you let me know which is correct panel, because I see a bunch of Sony control panels for the 2011 Edge. Thanks.
  4. I recently gave the edge for a fix to ford dealer. They corrected problems like jerky shock acceleration, tight power steering. After taking the car, I am witnessing sharp decrease in fuel reading very fast. Reduction in 10 kms or more within couple of mins while moving at 55 mpg in the highway. What can be the problem?
  5. taal2020

    Ideal Tire Pressure Ford Edge 2011

    I have read in some of the sites that, having 38psi will increase the mileage...but could lead to tires getting worn out more quickly...
  6. Guys, I have Michelin Tires (P245/60R18 104 T). What is the ideal tire pressure when filling air? Please suggets
  7. taal2020

    Poor Mileage (Ford Edge 2011 Limited)

    Thats usually in straight line...But i highly doubt thats the real mileage....I will post soon the manual calculation of the economy level
  8. taal2020

    Poor Mileage (Ford Edge 2011 Limited)

    Is 13L/100 kms as per the onscreen.....is that normal?
  9. taal2020

    Poor Mileage (Ford Edge 2011 Limited)

    @Accord, Mine is 13.5 mpg...thats atrocious
  10. taal2020

    Two Questions!

    Hi, I own a ford edge 2011. I dont have navigation. Do you guys know how i can get the navigation? for Middle East
  11. taal2020

    Poor Mileage (Ford Edge 2011 Limited)

    The only time my engine is running while being stationery is when i am at traffic signal or roundabout...Like i said traffic in Muscat is not much..so I am not staying stationery for long. I will try the 10km 90km/hr test and see how much mileage i get
  12. taal2020

    Poor Mileage (Ford Edge 2011 Limited)

    Hi, Thanks for your reply? I dont do much of traffic driving...I am based in Muscat, and traffic is much less compared to other GCC countries. What do you mean by running while stationary? Sorry for my ignorance. Can you also suggest how i can increase mileage like tuning the engine?
  13. I recently bought a Used Ford Edge 2011 Limited Edition, 36000 KMS run. I am based in Dubai, UAE I have so far got only 13.5 mpg in the city. Is this normal. From what i have seen online in this forum and other site, is that most of the people are getting atleast 18mpg for the 2011 version. I also have a the SmartLock feature enabled, where i cannot exceed 130km/hr. Does this impact the mileage. Please suggest.,