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    Chrome clad covers can be removed

    No chrome skins are available for the 10 spoke 18 inch wheel. I have two wheels mounted on Michelin tires I need to sell. Plus two tires not mounted. Email me @ garyforman@att.net
  2. Lack enterprises makes the complete wheel for ford. You cannot buy the wheel from them. Tried it. The fake chrome cover is cemented to a alum. wheel. I have two wheels that I need to sell. One is perfect and the other has a small scuff on the outer edge. There are no aftermarket covers for the 10 spoke wheel. Email me at garyforman@att.net if you are interested in the wheels. I also have four Michelin tires. These are 18 inch wheels and tires. Two are mounted.
  3. hobo5

    Chrome clad covers can be removed

    It is gray in color with some type of clear coating.
  4. I messed up two 18" wheels by hitting a curb. Called Ford dealer and was told I have to replace the wheels at a cost of $759.00 each. Well I found a set that were taken off another car and used the rims. I got the old wheels back home and proceeded to remove the covers with a large screwdriver. These covers are glued on to the wheels with what looks like some type of silicone material. There is a bead of it along the outside edge of the rim and one down each spoke. Underneath the cover is a finished wheel. Upon further inspection, on the back of the cover is a Ford part # Bt43-1007-C_PIa2 and a tag on the wheel that says they are made by Lack Enterprises for Ford. The covers could be replaced, but Ford does not list this as a valid part. I think they are scamming us on this. They do not want to just sell a cover but instead want you to buy a new wheel. I was told by the dealer that there is a $50.00 core charge if you do not have an old wheel. This is so Ford can take your old wheel and put a new cover on it and then resell. It boils down to a simple matter. If one could get the new cover and proper adhesive, then put the adhesive on the wheel and apply the cover and let adhesive set up. The old adhesive looks like it was applied with a caulking gun. By the way, the old adhesive comes off the wheel with a paint scraper or putty knife.
  5. Contact Nick Robertson at D'Orazio Ford for best price. I bought ESP Premium 7 yr/ 100,000 for $1070. Payment has to be a check. CC are 2 to 3 % more. His contact number is 815-476-5205. They will not be undersold on price.
  6. hobo5

    Ford ESP extended warranty

    you need to contact Nick Robertson at D'Orazio Ford for the best price in the country for a Ford ESP warranty. Just bought Premium 7 year/ 100,000 for $1070. His number is 815-476-5205 This price is for paying by check. Credit cards are 2 to 3 percent more. After researching for two days,this is the best price I have found.