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  1. I picked up a solid 1mpg more with the sole addition of a K&N filter and removal of airbox snorkel. It is actually 1.3 mpg increase but I went with 1mpg to account for variables out of my control. Just thought I would share my great news. BTW, I will end up saving almost $200 a year if god forbid, gas stays at $4 a gallon ! Happy Motoring !
  2. You can run an H9 in the housing designed for an H11 until the headlight housing or connectors melt. Putco mirror white which are a true 55w bulb same as stock and not a bulb that runs higher wattage to increase brightness. Also, if your SJB...(smart junction box) goes because of the H9's it WILL NOT be covered under warranty but you could always pop the stockers in before service. Bottom line, do what you want, but I personally would not recommend it.
  3. ThinLine

    Squeaking noise coming from engine

    Could be a pully mis-alignment on the alternator, a/c compressor etc. Remove the belt and remove the belt tensioner and try lubing the tensioner itself. This is a shot in a dark but I would definitely take it in for service so it at least gets documented incase something else goes because of the belt issue. It may also be a pully bearing that's squeaking which can be identified when the squeaking is occuring with a mechanics stethoscope. Keep us posted how it goes brotha !
  4. ThinLine

    K&N now has air filter for Edge!!!!

    Do you smell that........?
  5. ThinLine

    K&N now has air filter for Edge!!!!

    I guess the computer mileage going up a steady 1.3mpg is all in my head or as you say in my dreams. If you don't want to save money, than by all means, don't. Like I have said, I would not have believed it of not seeing for myself. Thanks for your logical and reasoning input flyer.
  6. ThinLine

    Squeaking noise coming from engine

    Sounds like a serpentine belt issue. Leave it at the dealers overnight and have them start it up in the morning. I suggest you be there because if not the techs won't hear anything........and if your there and they hear it they will tell you it's normal. Good Luck !
  7. ThinLine

    K&N now has air filter for Edge!!!!

    That's just it......my driving habit if any has been more aggressive since the install of the K&N due to the intake sound and added power. And I still picked up 1.3mpg ! Why would it not be true ? Stop hatin' and get one.....you'll see.
  8. ThinLine

    Black Plastic Molding ---> Chrome

    "Nothing to LOSE".
  9. ThinLine

    Engine stalled while backing up

    I never had any vehicle I owned ever stall on me. I think it would be a big deal especially on a brand new car !
  10. Had the silverstar H11's and one burned out in 8 months. I now run the Putco brand H11 in mirror white. These have a much whiter light with slight blue tint. Very similiar to HID in color but not as bright of course. They are available on www.autobarn.net for $30.00. These are far superior to silverstars and cost less too. On a side note, I run silverstar ultras on my 'stang and they have been going strong for 2 years now. Switching to H9's might produce too much heat and burn out very quickly. For some reason with this pulsed electrical system, the headlights are very tempermental to other bulbs that are not rated @ 55w.
  11. ThinLine

    Stock Door Speakers

    Yes, yes they are.
  12. ThinLine

    Rear seat belt issues

    Didn't Mommy teach you to use your "indoor voice"......?
  13. ThinLine

    2011 Edge Tail light compatibility

    Hey Tomsack, if this is temporary for your trip you could always go to pep boys, autozone...etc. and buy the transparent amber color tape and cut it to fit the outside of the lens to give the illusion of amber color signals......I know this is as ghetto as it gets, but It is just another idea/solution to your dilemma. I know the stop lights and turn signals run off the dual filament but you may be able to make it work.ma.
  14. ThinLine

    Radio trim removal

    This system is not compatible with sync...?...!! Sync is the main reason the wife wanted this CUV. Is there a way to maintain sync with the installation of this unit ?
  15. Use the vacuum wand attachment brother !