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    Serious gas tank leak

    The dealership did stand behind their repair (patch) work that was performed before I bought the car...Good surprise; After I had a chance to see what they did, it appears they installed a used tank...Bad surprise. There was no charge for this work in July and the used tank is leakproof thus far. The cost of a new tank appears to be $1,300 for DIY'ers. I don't know what other parts would be required (fuel pump, gas gauge, gaskets, etc.). Fullhouz
  2. Fullhouz

    Serious gas tank leak

    I've had my 07 AWD Edge for six months without any problems. Last week I noticed a gas smell. Today the tank is leaking from the top of the tank after a fill up. I don't believe it is a case of overfilling the tank. The stealership reportedly fixed the same problem before I bought it in December. They said they replaced the tank but I don't believe it - I think they either replaced a gasket or tried to seal the leak. If you have any experience with a similar problem, or replacing any gaskets on the tank or replacing the whole tank, your help would be greatly appreciated. Should I go to Ford, back to the dealership, NHTSA or all the above? Thanks in advance, Fullhouz