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  1. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    OK, that matches with what I have also. Maybe it just doesn't work on our generation. It's weird because when I had Sync 2 installed it would briefly show the fan indicator level without having to go into the climate screen. It's a minor nuisance but I can live with it. Thanks for confirming.
  2. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    So you are seeing a brief icon/indicator pop up on all your screens if you adjust the rotary knob? Lets say you are in the Navigation screen, if you adjust the rotary knob for fan speed does it briefly show on the screen? Or does it know show anything unless you actually go in the climate screen? Thanks. Just trying to understand correctly.
  3. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    @vankingma Can you confirm if your fan speed displays on the main home screen if you adjust it? My audio volume will briefly display on the main screen if I turn up or down the volume but not my actual climate fan speed. I was curious if yours works properly. Most of my values match yours but I have had to make minor changes since my Edge had the 4" Sync screen. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  4. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    @vankingma Could you kindly post your settings for the automatic temp control in Forscan? I think the value in Forscan begins with 733-01-01. My fan speed doesn't show on the screen whenever I make adjustments and I noticed you have a 2014 SEL also. I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hello Since updating from the base Sync 4" screen to Sync 3 I have noticed an issue while playing bluetooth audio. If I am streaming bluetooth audio in my car and happen to receive a text message once I press hear it on the screen Sync's voice will start saying the text but I can't hear it. I can still hear my music playing loud but not the actual text message. I have tried adjusting the sound settings but nothing has helped. If I am not listening to bluetooth audio and just listening to radio station and I receive a text message I can hear it fine. Same applies for satellite radio. It seems to only affect bluetooth. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue? Do I have possibly have a value set incorrectly in Forscan? I have a 2014 SEL. Any help is appreciated.
  6. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    Happy to help. Good to hear it's working now. I really like the lincoln theme also, but don't like the lincoln splash when I exit the vehicle. Maybe there is a way to keep Lincoln theme and use Ford splash. I guess I'll tinker with the settings until I figure it out.
  7. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    I don't think the media hub has to be changed in order for the climate screen to work properly. My apim was pulled from a 2017 Explorer so I had to make quite a few changes to get everything working properly. My understanding is that you can still keep the old media hub wired but Sync 3 will warn you every time you start the vehicle that it isn't compatible. Most of my APIM settings were a combination of my own as-built data from Ford's site and some from a 2017 Edge as-built pulled from a used auto website. I just pulled up a 2017 SEL with similar features to my 14 SEL and most of the values were accepted in Forscan. And yes thanks I am familiar with that site because I had to go there for some settings. If you are having trouble with your climate you could probably plug in my settings above and see if that helps. I can interact with both the screen and physical buttons and everything works. Just be sure to backup your original values before you change anything. Otherwise you will have to go to Fords site and enter your VIN to get as-built values.
  8. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    Yes as far as I can tell everything else works fine. There is one other thing I noticed. Anytime I adjust my fan speed from the main screen it will not show the current speed level unless I go directly into the climate screen. For example, if I adjust my volume for the radio it will briefly pop up on the screen with a number. But if I adjust climate fan speed it never shows the level of fan speed. I can see it however when I go into the climate screen. I have an SEL that has the turn knob below the volume knob for fan speed so not sure if that matters. The fan speed used to also show from the home screen on Sync 2. Any ideas? Maybe it is a bit value that is wrong since the 2011-14 edge has three different control panels?
  9. toast1850

    Sync 3 radio scan button missing

    Hi, If I press seek it will go to the next available radio station but it will not continue to seek. Basically, I can manually tune or seek to a station but I don't have an option on the screen to continuously "scan" like I did with Sync 2. Below are my apim settings - 7D0-01-01 2221 0002 230F 7D0-01-02 8289 0006 0A21 7D0-02-01 5553 0A04 4087 7D0-02-02 0200 8000 005D 7D0-02-03 0005 E1 7D0-03-01 0000 0300 005E 7D0-04-01 0100 0200 09E2 7D0-04-02 0001 DE 7D0-05-01 1BA3 1B9B 2B7C 7D0-05-02 C5A3 7D0-06-01 809E 7D0-07-01 0800 3300 001A 7D0-07-02 0000 186A 0062 7D0-07-03 0056 5685 0012 7D0-07-04 7052
  10. Hello, I recently swapped out Sync 2 MFT for Sync 3 and noticed the "scan" option was missing on radio stations and Sirius XM. The scan option was always available on Sync 2 so if I was listening to the radio and didn't know a specific station I could just press scan. That also applied if I was listening to Sirius XM stations. I have a 2014 SEL. Can anyone confirm if that option can be enabled via Forscan or did Ford remove the "scan" button on Sync 3? Thanks
  11. So I tested it again today on lunch break. Still not working. I can interact with the 3 levels on the climate screen but seats never heat up. I know when I used Sync 2 it only took like 30 seconds for them to get hot. My best guess is a programming error within Sync 3. I guess I'll try programming for the two level heat option and see if that helps.
  12. toast1850

    Door check replacement

    Just to confirm, I did have to remove the entire door panel just to get to this part. But no more popping!
  13. I haven't tested it again. I'll try again and report back.
  14. Candurin, Any idea what the correct value should be? When I reference the F-150 or Explorer spreadsheets for Sync 3 settings it mentions adding a 3 for heated seats only. 2 mentions heated and cooled seats. I know on the 2014 there are three levels for the heat icon. This is my current setting - 7D0-01-01 2221 0002 230F Thanks
  15. Recently upgraded to Sync 3 and noticed my heated seats don't work. I have the three level heat option displayed on the screen. I can press them and change the heat level but the seat never warms up. They did work perfectly fine when I used Sync 2. Had the same three level option also on Sync 2 screen. May be stupid to mention this but I was trying to test them while I had A/C running in the car because it's still warm here in Louisiana. Could it be they didn't work because I'm running my A/C? I have a 2014 SEL. Also to note I converted from 4" screen. I just want to ensure they work properly before cold weather eventually arrives. Any help is appreciated.