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  1. That's what I was thinking but I'm not sure if anyone else at all is working on it or will be. I also noticed it doesn't show any Lincoln or Nautilus branding during the time I used it so if I was able to get it working with my steering wheel buttons and all other features, I'd probably keep the current theme. All the Lincoln sounds and graphics are really cool compared to the Ford ones.
  2. If only. Last time I tried doing it required so much work and it still never fully worked with the newer cluster. Though that was for a completely different make and model vehicle.
  3. Just an update: ordered the custom harness from TXFRDOwner which came in super fast. Finally got to try out the Nautilus cluster tonight. It turns on, but as I expected, not all of the steering wheel buttons worked. Dan at the Fusion forums said something about him using a 2017+ MKZ steering wheel control module (SCCM) but I don't know if that fixed his button issue 100% or not. It also of course had quite a few error messages that can be ironed out with ForScan (i.e. adaptive cruise malfunction, collision alert malfunction, etc.) but it did of course work well with the few things I could try - digital speedometer readout, TPMS readout, radio station, trip readout/reset, but that was about it. Gonna think on what I want to do next. I'm not totally sure the euro Edge lens will be good for this IPC, as to me it seems like it would cut off some of the LCD display. The MKX cluster has a more rounded design on the bottom and sides and this is just flat. If that's the case, it wouldn't really be worth the install, and I may just get rid of the Nautilus cluster. Long story short though it may not be a totally impossible job.
  4. Before I consider spending any $$ online for wiring diagrams, does anyone else following this thread have access to the wiring/pinouts on the 2015-2018 Edge? I just need to see what the pinout is for the IPC connector and I hate to have to pay to get that one answer. Otherwise I could just buy the harness from TXFRDOwner without really knowing if the pins need rearranging but that will be taking a shot in the dark.
  5. Will do. TXFRDOwner actually seems to already have a compatible harness made from someone else doing a Continental cluster retrofit in a Fusion. Depending on how much he wants for it I'll gladly give it a shot. He stated that the guy doing that conversion got it to turn on but it has issues with some of the existing steering wheel controls not working on the new cluster due to firmware incompatibility. So that would likely be my case and another project to tackle. If DanMc85 can't get around that himself (he's the one at the Fusion forums doing this and he is a godsend at programming) then I know I won't be able to do it either. We shall see.
  6. Perfect, I'm already in touch with him since (if this works out) I'll be getting the lens from him. Maybe he can get something figured out.
  7. I had ordered a 2018-19 style intelligent access key fob back when I had my 2012 Limited in the slight hope that it would work on that car. It didn't, but I held onto it and now have a 2016 SEL. I followed the instructions in this thread since I had both original fobs and got it done on the very first try. Works perfect and to me looks better than the 15-17 style. Just for reference, the first pic is the 15-17 style and the latter is the newer one. Not sure if this is considered a "mod" but just sharing in case someone may be curious. FWIW mine was a used fob already programmed to another car beforehand.
  8. Nautilus cluster has arrived...but the connector on the back is definitely different than that of the MKX/Edge clusters. If anyone has any ideas I would be interested to hear them. I want to avoid cutting any wires on my Edge, but if I could just take the pins out of the current connector and rearrange them in the new one, I'd be down for that. Would just need access to pinouts for both cars to see if it's all the same wires in a different arrangement or what.
  9. Definitely- Here's the seller I got mine from. I don't have much experience with IPC programming past enabling a few features using Forscan. I'm sure I'll need assistance, from what I understand IDS is required? I'm still a bit muddy on what all is involved. So I'll probably have to have some help. I'll shoot TXFRDOwner a message for the lens, thanks for the heads up there. That's good to know. I was thinking it wouldn't be so hard since the Explorer has it (I wasn't aware of Escape but I don't keep up with them), I'm sure the Edge would have to be getting it. As long as I can get it to not say Lincoln or some incorrect Ford model I'd be happy.
  10. The Sync 3 project was awesome! It was pretty easy which I expected based on doing the same swap in my 2014 Fusion. I'm just glad my 16 Edge already has it so I didn't have to worry about it! You might keep your eyes peeled on ebay and car-part.com while the Nautilus is so new, because the yards aren't gonna know how high to price them. I just bought mine on eBay for $80 shipped, and it looks like 1 other sold from the same yard for $111. I'm not too worried about the connection, I really just need help finding the parts that make the MKX cluster fit and also have no idea what I'll do about the Lincoln-branded graphics. As long as I can replace the logo with Ford in some OEM looking way, that would be awesome.
  11. I've got a cluster from a 2019 Nautilus on the way for my 16 SEL, the one with the 12.3" display. Ford Etis lists the car as "16-18 MKX, 19- NAUTILUS" so my bet is that the overall shape and wiring has not changed. This could be a fun project.
  12. If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, even inputting your own AB data from that website will not get Sync 3 to fully work. Some of the values just don't carry over from Sync 2 AB data to Sync 3 - however, I think using your own AB data is a good start. I spent a lot of time comparing values from my 2012's AB data and values from a 2017 Edge equipped exactly the same as mine (albeit with heated steering wheel and cooled seats) and managed to eventually tweak it enough to be 100% compatible. It takes trial and error though. In todamgood4U's case, his Edge already has all the same options mine did, so he did not need to program anything when he got it. It was completely plug and play. But in most cases, you will need to tweak the AB data to get everything working 100%.
  13. Looks great! Told you youd love it! ?
  14. Hey Gortty I just now saw this - do you still need my .ab file? I think I should have it still but I did change computers so I'll have to look. On another note, I no longer have my Edge and if anyone is interested, my kit is for sale on eBay - I think provided what is all included compared to the others it's a pretty fair deal. Not looking to make a killing off of it like others. Hopefully this not against forum rules to share but if so mods feel free to remove. http://www.ebay.com/itm/192302330993?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  15. That is very good to know - I thought I had read somewhere that the Focus/Escape Sync 3 was "different" but wasn't sure how, and was about to purchase a Sync 3 system from a C-Max for my '14 Fusion. I honestly cannot really pinpoint how I managed to get 2 levels of heating - it did have 3 when I first played around with it. I just kept having to change values in the as built data, if I remember right all or most of it was accomplished changing values within the first two lines of as built data for the APIM. Navigation does function 100% correctly on the IPC with Sync 3. If you haven't yet returned or sold your Escape module + screen combo, I'd play around with it until you got it fully set up for the Edge and save the profile, so that all you have to do is flash the saved profile to your new setup when it gets there.