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    Grinding noise when turning on ice and snow

    I was thinking it could be the stability control. Its just an unpleasant sound. Not really the same sound it makes when braking on ice and the ABS kicks in. If I turn off the stability control then it it shouldn't make the sound right? Would this be a good way to test it? I had a ford focus before this and all the traction control did in that car was kill engine power when the wheels started spinning unless I shut off the button.
  2. Whenever I turn from a stop sign and the front wheels lose traction I hear a grinding gears sound. It won't make the sound if I gas it to break traction going straight and AWD seems to be working perfectly. I did hear it one time when I was leaving a stop on a hill covered in a sheet of ice and snow. We have had 4 or 5 days of sub zero temperatures. I don't know if that could make a difference. It doesn't matter if I'm turning left or right and the sound is coming from the front end. Does anyone know what this is? 2007 Ford Edge