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  1. Have not been on here for quite some time. Sold both Edges few years back also the f150 and Harley. Still have my Contour SVT 3L. Purchased a Tundra for my personal vehicle its a 2008 with 52k. A New Ford Escape Se SPORT in 2017 and the Wife was in a accident on 01/21 a Total loss. Purchased a 2015 Edge Sport in its place just today. Glad we are back in a Edge especially one with 315 HP !!

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    Whips !!

  3. No parking lights, but headlights yes. I just had a remote start put on a few days ago. I called the place to see how they spliced into the Edge. I am taking there Monday. Again all fuses are good. @ the cost of them
  4. Just Changed the two brakelights. Nothing Closed the garage with no lights turned Edge on A = Daytime running light /NOTHING I turned to the regular lighting position and the same thing.
  5. Wife came home last night and said she was pulled over due to no running lights. I checked fuses all ok bulbs too. I have break lights and turn signals NO RUNNING LIGHTS !!
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    Just turned 200000 miles and still going strong after 10 years as daily driver.
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    My job lol
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    My Beast !!
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    My love !
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    Just noticed that. Adjusted it. Thanks
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    New member to this forum. I own a 10 Edge Limited(top) and just Purchased a 09 Edge Sport (bottom) today. Looking forward talking to you guys.