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    2017 Edge Ringing Noise

    Possibly the fuel pump? Try pulling the fuel pump fuse, Getting under the car close to the tank may help determine where it's coming from. Does your car have noise cancellation? I understand that it can do freaky things.
  2. My dad had an Eldorado. The CV joints cost him a fortune to replace. A real beauty though. He went back to rear wheel drive after the Caddy. That's when GM actually made cars that people wanted.
  3. PaulSchott

    New leak

    Taste it. (Don't swallow) If it's sweet it's coolant.
  4. PaulSchott

    Better check that spare!

    A couple of years ago I went unintentionally off roading in a snow storm and blew a tire on a rock. The spare was half flat but got me to work where there was an air compressor. I don't think I have checked it since then. Looks like something to add to my to do list.
  5. I had a 98 Contour sport with the with the 2.8 V6. The water pump was driven via belt and tensioner off the back of one of the cam shafts. It was a half hour job to remove the belt drive and the pump with about 8 screws. The housing stayed put with all of the hoses and the pump face and impeller was replaced. I guess Ford had a better idea when the Edge arrived.
  6. I have 145,000 on my 2007 and have done brakes, Tires, Mobile 1 oil changes, Brake flushes, coolant flushes, Transmission flushes, windshield wiper changes. and many other maintenance items and I'm sure I am nowhere near what you have spent. (that would also be including the water pump for $1700) I would take a hard look at the dealership and their prices and their willingness to unnecessary service that they suggest and not Ford. If you have a good private trusted mechanic use them. Only use the dealer for recalls. I used the dealer only for the gas tank recall and the Takata airbag recall. When they did the gas tank they suggested all kinds of "necessary" lol service items.
  7. Try the connections on the inside of the door. I had the same problem intermittently and the plug was loose.
  8. PaulSchott

    Gaz smell!!!!

    I'm assuming gasoline. Are you parking in a garage? Time to take a good look (and sniff) at the engine compartment. Evap system, fuel lines, etc. Fumes getting into the cowl area from someplace. Any check engine lights on, Gas cap.
  9. PaulSchott

    Motor will crank but not start

    Tapping the starter is an old trick. It may fix it forever or it may work for a few days. I believe these starters have a solenoid that engages the gear with the fly wheel. If the mechanism is sticky of the solenoid is weak the motor won't engage. I would be inclined to change the starter for reliability reasons. I don't think your wife will be happy having to bang on the starter to get home.
  10. PaulSchott

    Whining noise

    My 2007 has a slight wine also. I only hear it when my wife is in the car. Actually only when it's cold outside. Try a fluid change and pray it doesn't get worse.
  11. PaulSchott

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    I am not complaining, I did the $1700 pump replacement and have just flushed the coolant at about 30,000 miles after. As far as the necessity of placing the pump internally I had a 98 Ford Contour Sport with the 2.8 24V V6. Similar setup. The water pump was driven off one of the cam shafts with a pulley and tensioner setup. I changed the pump in about an hour. Remove about 8 screws and just swap the pump. (May have been 10 or 12 screws. don't call me a liar.) The plastic impeller failed and spun on the shaft. People on the forum complained about Ford using a plastic impeller. My point is that when you design a car there are many failure points. Some show up unexpectedly early in the lifecycle of the vehicle.
  12. It's probably the latching mechanism. The electronics and mechanical parts are all in one unit.
  13. PaulSchott

    Advance serive trac issues

    Could be a tone ring. They have been known to crack. Inspect all 4 all the way around.
  14. PaulSchott

    Surprise in spark plug change

    My 2007 has the extra connector on the intake. Big pain to connect and disconnect blind. Mine is due again soon. Done at 90,000 first time and we are at 145,000 now. I did replace a coil 6 months ago because I couldn't get just the boot and it's been fine since. Next time I'll replace all the boots while the intake is off. Luckily the bad coil was in the front. It takes 20 minutes to change all 6 plugs in my wife's 4.0 Grand Cherokee.
  15. If you are using auto headlights, The next time it happens turn the lights on manually. Both the headlights and tail lights at the same time could point to BCM, Headlight Switch, Light sensor on the dash. Switch tells the BCM to turn on or of the lights. Sensor tells the BCM to turn on or off the lights if the switch is in the auto setting.