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  1. PaulSchott

    3.5l an interference or non-Interference engine

    If the screw held the valve open and the piston hit it you may need a piston. Use a borescope to do a visual on the piston and cylinder walls. A small ding shouldn't be a big problem but it's a matter of judgement.
  2. PaulSchott

    Cylinder #2 misfire

    It seems that it's always the plugs/coils in the back. I just did my #2 coil pack and replaced all the plugs and coil boots. The coils in the back run hotter than the 3 in the front because the intake manifold is over them and heat is an electronics killer. At 150,000 miles I think it will be the last time they will need changing. 😉
  3. PaulSchott

    Got rear ended

    I guess I should consider myself and my wife lucky. Really old guy clips my back bumper and goes around me going well over 50 mph on a roundabout. Then creams a Jeep in the drivers side. She was driving without doors on her Jeep. Dashcam is becoming a necessity. His insurance co. paid me in a week. Not sure about the girl in the Jeep. I know her car was totaled. We were coming from the same birthday party. I got the video to her. When I talked to his insurance co. they had a copy of the video. I don't believe in limits on driving ages but I think past a point there should be testing especially after an incident. She said she wasn't injured, but I bet she hurt the next day.
  4. PaulSchott

    Forescan for rear camera

    Typos can be really funny. I read it 3 times making sure that I'm not a perv.
  5. PaulSchott

    P0301 after driving through 3 feet of water

    It could be bad O2 sensor but it could also be the Cat. Water in the O2 connector, driving with a blinking check engine light will overheat the converter by dumping raw gas into the exhaust. I would check the O2 sensors first.
  6. PaulSchott

    dashboard oil lamp switch

    If you have the 3.5 the switch is on the front of the engine between the radiator and engine on the passenger side.
  7. PaulSchott

    Joys of Old Cars

    The compressor came from a dealer with over 31,000 sales and 100% feedback. You can check them out, they are THEACCOMPRESSORSHOP. You can shop safely on eBay. Yeah, you do have to watch out, but if your careful and read feedback you can get a good idea of who you are dealing with. I have dealt with Rock Auto and they really screwed me on a new back bumper for the Jeep. Crap replacement part and a fortune to ship it. It's getting chalky and its only 3 years old. The front is original and it looks like new except for where my wife keeps hitting the lawnmower with it. I guess everyone has a different experience buying online. It's like going to a great restaurant and getting a bad meal. You don't ever go back. (unless someone else is paying lol)
  8. PaulSchott

    Joys of Old Cars

    I have 2 old cars and enjoy the fact that I also have 0 car payments. First old car is a 2002 Grand Cherokee. Last month it needed a new radiator. I noticed the antifreeze smell and saw a small crack in the upper tank. This car is a genuine pain to replace the radiator. I used to be a do it yourself guy but I'm getting too old and lazy to do it myself. Ok $600 bucks later it's fixed. A week later it's getting warm but the A/C doesn't work. get all pissed off at the repair shop figuring they didn't recharge the system. I am wrong, it has a full charge and the compressor is running. The only problem is that it runs but it doesn't pump Freon. First quote is for over a grand. I bought the compressor rebuilt on eBay for about $180 and he installed it for $300 plus tax. OK another $500. Now to my 2007 Edge. Misfire on CYL #2. I already bought the plugs and coil boot set for about $100 on eBay. If it was CYL 4,5or 6 I would have done it myself of course It's CYL#2. I did the plugs at about 90,000 miles now it has 150,000 so we do the plugs and boots plus a new coil at $160 at the shop because I'm old and lazy. Another $400. Oh yeah, he also remounted and balanced a tire for $20 included in the price. I'm so happy not to have payments. They have been replaced by repair bills. Sorry for my bitching, Now all I need to do is replace the brakes on the Edge and I should be done. Yeah Right LOL🤪
  9. The hissing noise was probably the water in the system hitting the fan and spraying. It should be gone. Next tie I would try using vacuum to pull the water out of the system. The dirt that was blocking the drain is probably still inside. Keep an eye on drainage from the system.
  10. What year is your Edge? I swapped out my factory head unit on my 2007 with an aftermarket Nav. unit with blue tooth for less than $200. I love it. I never hooked to steering wheel controls up but I don't miss them.
  11. If it starts and acts normally sometimes, It's probably the key or the receiver located around the ignition key. Try another key and move another key around the lock area. Intermittent problems are difficult to find.
  12. PaulSchott

    2017 Edge Ringing Noise

    Possibly the fuel pump? Try pulling the fuel pump fuse, Getting under the car close to the tank may help determine where it's coming from. Does your car have noise cancellation? I understand that it can do freaky things.
  13. My dad had an Eldorado. The CV joints cost him a fortune to replace. A real beauty though. He went back to rear wheel drive after the Caddy. That's when GM actually made cars that people wanted.
  14. PaulSchott

    New leak

    Taste it. (Don't swallow) If it's sweet it's coolant.