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  1. PaulSchott

    Electrical issue

    Batteries are critical in these "computer driven" vehicles. I would think that 2 years is a little early but not unheard of. The quality of the batteries for sale vary and they vary by brand. You can have the car tested for parasitic battery drain. These cars use lots of power when not running. If changing the battery every two years does the trick than you may have to live with it unless someone finds an excessive power draw when the car is off or your alternator isn't putting out. If the battery is only dying every 2 years or so than I would suspect the battery is just giving up. Make sure they are replacing it with the properly rated battery.
  2. PaulSchott

    Help ! Can Power liftgate be added to 2007 edge !!

    I don't have a problem with the 2007 liftgate but my wife can never get it open. 2008, When they moved the handle lower gives you more leverage. I think it was 08 when they started offering the auto liftgate. It isn't just the motor mechanism that needs to be changed, you also need the pull down lock/latch. Make sure the struts on your gate are in good condition. If they are going flat they will help less when lifting the tailgate.
  3. PaulSchott

    Power Steering Leak

    I don't think there is a recall on this. I assume it's a 2007 by your profile. You can go to the NHTSA website and put your VIN in to check for recalls.
  4. I had the "UNLUCKY" pleasure of needing a water pump at 90,000 miles. Luckily I noticed my leaky pump before it got into the engine. My 2007 still had the original gold colored coolant in it. Nobody ever told me to change it to the special Green Ford recommended stuff. Regular maintenance and just fixing stuff that breaks is how to be happy with your car. I just spent $750 to put new front tires on my car along with an oil change, coolant flush, and change the oil pressure sending switch. (the switch was giving me occasional warnings without reason) I could think of better things to do with the money but I intend to keep this vehicle until the end of it's useful life. It has 148,000 miles on it and now that this work is done I like it again. I do worry about the water pump but I have the coolant changed every 30,000 miles. I consider it part of the cost of ownership.
  5. PaulSchott

    Has anyone added heated mirrors?

    I repaired the mirror on my 2007 edge and the wiring for heating was NOT there. Pull off the mirror cover inside the door and see if there are more than 4 wires going to the connector (that applies to 2007 - 2009 interiors, not sure about the gen 1.5)
  6. 600 grit seems too aggressive. I would start with 800 then switch to 1000 to level the scratches out. After 1000 go to 2000 and finish with McGuire's polishing compound and a nice glaze all with the rotary polisher with a wool bonnet. I did mine that way after they were in Arizona and Louisiana for years. They look like new. They need a once a year buffing because they don't have the UV protective coating on them after sanding.
  7. Sounds like they damaged it when they installed the booster or it was just out of adjustment. What a coincidence LOL
  8. PaulSchott

    Great Forum!

    Welcome, It's amazing how inexpensive and easy it is to do these.
  9. PaulSchott

    Ford Edge Preventative Maintenance Schedule

    Around 80,000. The car had the original gold coolant that ford said was good for life. I didn't know about the service bulletin requiring the change to Ford green. I now have over 140,000 miles and it's time for the second change.
  10. PaulSchott

    Sunroof glass replaced....finally.

    I can see how laminated would block more outside noise than tempered. On the other hand are you sure that the seals are all proper after the glass replacement.? I had a windshield replaced and the seal had a 1/32" gap that was about 2" long. It sounded like I was driving with a window cracked open.
  11. PaulSchott

    Engine overheating

    Check your oil for coolant. If it looks like chocolate milk don't drive it. If you're lucky it's not the water pump. Did it leak on the ground or did it just disappear?
  12. PaulSchott

    Ford Edge Preventative Maintenance Schedule

    The front diff is part of the transmission. It is lubed with the tranny fluid not a separate operation. Nice chart, will be useful. I did the $1700 water pump and have changed the coolant at 30,000 mile intervals since then. (Talk about closing the barn door after the horse ran away.)
  13. PaulSchott

    Engine Meltdown 2011 Limited

    I'm not sure about the financials, Most likely the water pump seal failed which is an internal engine part that will allow coolant to dump in the oil. I'm assuming that you have the 3.5 v6. Check the oil and see if it is milky looking. Mine failed and I caught it before the oil got contaminated. If the oil looks good and the engine doesn't sound bad just have the pump replaced and do an oil change. I had it done at my very honest mechanic for $1700. Lots of hours labor and some parts. Don't take the dealers word for the coolant in the oil unless you see it with your own eyes. If it looks like chocolate milk don't drink it.
  14. You can test the fuel pump by turning the key on and off and letting it prime a few times before starting. If the pump doesn't hold pressure when the car sits than it will take time to build pressure when starting. cycling the key a few times will let it build pressure and it should then fire normally when you start it.
  15. Sure, "your wife did it" LOL. I agree about saving money, paint match might be tough without blending.