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  1. PaulSchott

    Engine Meltdown 2011 Limited

    I'm not sure about the financials, Most likely the water pump seal failed which is an internal engine part that will allow coolant to dump in the oil. I'm assuming that you have the 3.5 v6. Check the oil and see if it is milky looking. Mine failed and I caught it before the oil got contaminated. If the oil looks good and the engine doesn't sound bad just have the pump replaced and do an oil change. I had it done at my very honest mechanic for $1700. Lots of hours labor and some parts. Don't take the dealers word for the coolant in the oil unless you see it with your own eyes. If it looks like chocolate milk don't drink it.
  2. You can test the fuel pump by turning the key on and off and letting it prime a few times before starting. If the pump doesn't hold pressure when the car sits than it will take time to build pressure when starting. cycling the key a few times will let it build pressure and it should then fire normally when you start it.
  3. Sure, "your wife did it" LOL. I agree about saving money, paint match might be tough without blending.
  4. I'm pretty sure you mean CV joint on your axle shaft, Anyway it sure sounds like a tone ring or ABS sensor. Check the tone ring for cracks. don't just look at the visible side, rotate the axle and look for cracks or missing teeth. Also check the pickup for cracks and any type of damage. I would check all wheels after looking at the suspect one. Count the teeth on the tone ring and see if it is the same as the others if the mechanic changed the axle for a new one.
  5. PaulSchott

    My f*cking car flooded last night guys

    I don't think the insurance co. will raise rates for this type of claim. You should investigate. Might be a too late since you started the disassembly. Hope all works out well.
  6. PaulSchott

    My f*cking car flooded last night guys

    It's a flood car!! If your insurance company won't pay to fix it you need to get the interior removed. Seats, Carpeting, anything below the watermark. If they want to total it and you want to keep it ask the adjuster to write it up to just under the value of totaling. Flooding has long term effects. Fresh water is better an salt. Leave the windows opened and a fan running 24/7 to dry it out. You said it was sewage. The smell may only get worse. If it was storm drain water you may be ok. If you report it your resale value will go down. A fine line to walk. Good luck.
  7. PaulSchott

    Hi guys, Italy here!

    Welcome, Not having the BAMR may actually end up being a blessing. Over time they can become difficult & expensive to maintain. (However, they are beautiful)
  8. PaulSchott

    cooling fan problems

    The temp sensor has nothing to do with the A/C turning on the fans. I'm not sure how to go about this but are you getting a signal from the computer to turn the fans on? Is there power going to the relay? I haven't heard very good things about Dorman replacement parts. I bought a mirror motor replacement from them and it was a POS. Test the electrical to the fan and see if there is a signal and power.
  9. PaulSchott

    Front & Rear AC Louver

    eBay has one. Type in 2011 ford edge A/C vent. Lots of left and right and one center. Didn't see the rear. Dealer can look it up for you.
  10. PaulSchott

    Spark Plug Change

    I have the 3.5 and added some new words to my vocabulary. My wife's 4.0 Jeep takes about 1/2 hour including clean up and prep. I just replaced a bad coil on my Edge and thank god it was in the front.
  11. PaulSchott

    2016 Sport Buying Issue

    My wife's father owned a used car lot back in the 70's. His favorite expression was "There's an ass for every seat." The salesman will tell you anything to get you to buy. Please find another vehicle so you can start your ownership without any doubts.
  12. Might as well lie to him, He's only going to lie to you about how something is normal and I don't hear the funny noise. lol
  13. PaulSchott

    Transaxle Fluid Change Old/New

    I did my 2007 by dumping & refilling 3 times with a 15 minute ride between changes. The color change was drastic and after the third change it looked like it was all fresh.
  14. PaulSchott


    This may sound nutty, but I had a similar problem with my wife's Grand Cherokee. It turned out to be a wheel bearing. Does the noise increase or change pitch with speed? It was intermittent and usually when the car was cold. The first time I heard it I thought it was a siren and was looking for the emergency vehicle.
  15. PaulSchott


    On the Edge the spoiler is painted body color. Lincoln is Black, I imagine the black sucks heat up like crazy and degrades the plastic. I am assuming that the panel is plastic and not painted. Either way I think the best way to repair it is to sand it and paint it. I would remove it and give it a sanding, primer, base coat of black and cleat coat it. You can get clear in varying glosses. It's a small panel and it should easy to rattle can it. In my opinion I would go with glossy finish. It will go well with the windows and trim around the doors.