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  1. haha my father had said maybe something fell off a plane as it was flying over.. i mean anything is possible!
  2. Todd, i sent you a PM with my info; thanks for the help. it really is very bizarre and a little discomforting not knowing exactly what caused this. i'd like to avoid this happening again but without knowing the cause, how am i to do that?
  3. i walked out of my office yesterday to go home and i find what is shown in the pictures. no one knows anything or saw anything from all my coworkers i talked to. there was glass on the ground, the bumper lip, and inside the trunk area as well. i immediately went to the dealership and was told someone or something had to have done that but there was nothing around where i was parked and nothing inside by way of a rock, etc. the entire remaining glass is all spidered and looking closely at the edges of the glass, it is jagged all around. at certain angles, it looks to have been blown outward not inward. what could have caused this? i know of Escapes and F150's with rear windows exploding but neither the dealership nor Ford Customer Service know of anything related to Edges. google has turned up really nothing regarding Edges and the rear window glass so i'm at a loss.
  4. ok thanks i'll try the buttons later today and see what happens.
  5. there is a "scan" button on my touchscreen when showing the radio screen. as far as i know, there is no physical button on the steering wheel but maybe there is? like i said, i'm still familiarizing myself with the car and its controls. regarding the buttons on the steering wheel, i haven't had any issues with any of them. the ones i've used seem to work just fine.
  6. Brian J Klos

    All weather mats Ford Edge

    i just bought a used (can barely tell) set of the Ford OEM all-weather mats on ebay. i looked into the weathertech ones but the price was too much compared to what i got used; i just couldn't justify it.
  7. hey everyone; i just joined due to experiencing an intermittent issue with a 2011 certified pre-owned Edge SEL i purchased 2 weeks ago. i have the full Sync system with Navigation screen and within the past few days when listening to the FM radio it will start autoscanning and changing stations (like i pressed the button, but didn't). it does not do this all the time so i'm not sure what is triggering it. it'll go my whole commute 1 way and not do it and then another time will do it 4-5 times in the same commute. i have already done the available Ford Sync update that was posted on syncmyride.com and it was installed completely with no problems. i have contemplated doing a master reset found under the settings but i wanted to get other's inputs before doing it since i haven't had the vehicle for long and i may be missing something simple. any help? ,