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    blowing hot air

    my wife's 2013 edge sport only blows cold air on the passenger side, the driver side is hot like the heat is on. it has the dual climate zone controls, has anyone else had this issue?
  2. bicsintegra

    2013 Sport - Shifter Assembly

    they had to deal with the 3rd party and it took another day for them to get paid and explain all the work they did to the operator, not my problem just fix my car please.
  3. bicsintegra

    2013 Sport - Shifter Assembly

    i just had mine done under a 3rd party exyended warranty for free, Ford was rather upset when I told them about the 3rd party warranty through my credit union. they also replaced a rear hub, and the barkae lines needed to be replaced. the total bill was almost 1700 and all I had to pay was a 250 dollar deductible. Yeah 3rd party warranty!
  4. bicsintegra

    Rear brake pads, what is everyone using?

    I just got the duralast gold ceramic pads have not installed them yet because my rear brake piston is seized. DAMNIT!
  5. bicsintegra

    EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors Installed!

    was that price just for the rear rotors? I will have to replace mine soon and wanted to get some for a good price