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  1. Set of 4 steel rims, tpms sensors and winter tires. 235-65-17, rubber is Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT SUV directional with only 30,165km (kept milage after each change). The rims are bolt pattern 5x114.3mm with 40mm offset and 7.5 J/7. Tire tread is 11/32 on all 4 tires and has 80% tread left on all tires; filled with Nitrogen, even have hubcaps. Asking $600 firm, no offers will be accepted. Please make sure they will fit before buying as there is no refunds or returns. Tires and rims are as is with no warranty. Buyer pays for shipping or local pickup. Shipped from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  2. My 2013 Edge steering wheel when locked after tilt has up and down play and the lever is looser than normal. It is not bad just a little play. I had some extended warranty work done and they tightened it, but over time has come loose. Does anyone know how to tighten the tilt handle strength. I remember it was hard to tighten lever but now it is easy. Please help if you can.
  3. Hi, 2013 edge owner, just replaced a fran cabin air filter with same one but I am now hearing airflow different than before, checked and everything looks correct, anyone use one and should I have it in with the word up properly visable to me?
  4. made in error, cannot remove
  5. For those of you who want to change emblems here is a site to get custom badges or different ford emblems. billetbadges.com
  6. I have a Sel AWD 2013. I use Auto feature all the time. I am getting what I say are grunting noises from the HVAC system from time to time. I can say it is consistant in the winter but other seasons not sure as I observe it now. Has any one shared the same issue? I don't want to go to the dealer to be charged for something they cannot find.
  7. Stoln

    Natural Gas/Sulfer smell

    Thanks, I would have though the dealer would have done some looking but yet again I had to do it for them. It is fixed and no cost to me.
  8. Stoln

    Natural Gas/Sulfer smell

    no they never looked for a bulletin just wanted to diagnose the issue for a fee, i told them no and oil change guy showed me ptu leak and i went back and the powertrain warranty fixed it
  9. Stoln

    Natural Gas/Sulfer smell

    I am not sure as it was just done a week ago, would assume so as i have the fluid changed on old one but a good thing to check, thanks.
  10. I have been getting a smell of natural gas or sulfer coming from the hvac system at random times and went to dealer to deal with this, they told me it would be a diagnostic charge and may not find the problem, took it for an oil change and found the culprit. It was a PTU leaking fluid, ended up replacing the whole unit under powertrain warranty and was given rental car for free since it took longer than a day to fix. Wanted all to know this in case you have this issue. I have a 2013 Edge.
  11. Does any one know if you can add a auto switch to the passenger side door on a 2013 ford edge and to the passenger side of the drivers door switches?
  12. I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL AWD and was wanting to change the side mirrors to the ones with the turn signals. I found some from TASCA Ford Parts, but they come heated and blindspot and memory. I just have heated mirror. Does anyone know if i was to get them and try them would the turn signal and blindspot work since it is the same wires as i would think ford wouldn't change wiring harness just change pins on the mirrors. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried to add AUTO switches for other windows. I like the AUTO feature and wish they had it for the driver/passenger and passenger. I am sorry if this has been asked before.
  14. Hi, I have a 2013 SEL and the sunroof seems to have a noise coming from it when the sunshade is retracted all the way back. At times there is no noise. I am womdering if the part that holds the reteacted shade rattles or if something needs lubrication. The sound is like a twisting creeking sound not a rattle. If any help can be given before I take it to the dealer to get hosed and charged as they will not find anything wrong, I would appreciate it.
  15. I went to dealer yesturday and they did the TSB for my vehicle built on or before 1/2014 and all is fixed, so if you witness this issue and under waraty off to dealer you go