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    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    I put 10 inch GO Rhino tips on to bring it past the bumper. Check it out https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10219908030592016&id=1259010014
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10219908030592016&id=1259010014
  3. TonyYovan

    Borla Has An Exhaust the ST Finally :)

    Yea it's pretty bad. Like I said I might be able to adjust the where they exit but I think adding tips would make it look and sound better anyway. Unfortunately my ST is at the dealer getting the brakes fixed (AGAIN). I'll see if I can get a sound clip up tomorrow after I pick it up. Borla does have a 2.7L F-150 on YouTube. In the video they show stock, Touring, S-Type (the one they make for the Edge), and ATAK. Same engine so I figured sound would be similar.
  4. TonyYovan

    Borla Has An Exhaust the ST Finally :)

    I installed mine this weekend. From outside it sounds great. Nice deep rumble on startup and idle. Doesn't sound like a coffee can when driving. Inside the car is a different story. The pipes end where the stock ones did ie inside the bumper. A good 4 to 5 inches from flush with the outlet. Sounds terrible when driving unless you roll all the windows down. I may be able to adjust it a little, but I'm thinking just get some exhaust tips to bring that out flush or just past the outlet.
  5. So I found a full catback exhaust for the 2019 Edge ST. So far I've only seen Borla with one available and it's, wait for it, $1600. Am I wrong thinking that's outrageous? I think I'll wait for some of the competition to come in and drive that down a little. My catback on a 13 Edge Sport was like 800 bucks. But there is hope boys. The parts are coming haha
  6. TonyYovan

    No options

    Excellent point Akirby. Which is why I don't worry about getting mods and what not. Update! There is a full catback system for the ST from Borla. Its 1600 bucks which is almost insultingly expensive. Guess I'll wait for competition to drive that down
  7. TonyYovan

    No options

    So I just picked up my Edge ST about 2 weeks ago. Liking it so far. But I've noticed there are literally ZERO companies supporting mods. MRT has an axle back exhaust (would prefer cat back) and a tune from Livernois Motorsports. That's it! Will parts from F-150 with the 2.7 still work? Any word on an intake? Intercooler? Down pipes? Very frustrating