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  1. vmaxbaby

    Is the Edge Platform going away?

    I have read on forums the Edge Platform may be going away to be replaced with something else? I like the explorer but don't need 7 passenger vehicle so the size of the Edge is perfect. Just wondering what you all have heard.
  2. vmaxbaby

    Ford ST experience Asheville NC

    First for FINFAN you will need to wait because mask is required anywhere a group of people are. So in the hotel (which is really nice) in the restaurants, etc. While driving the car you don't need a mask. When outside getting direction on the road course no you don't need the mask on but I feel your pain. Next you got the cool ford racing backpack as I said. Inside were new ST emblems to replace your factory ones. These are Black and only given to people that have done the course or you could find on ebay I am sure if someone didn't put theirs on like me, I like the factory red so the next guy to buy my car can have them. Also you get a Battery bank to charge your phone that is about the size of a iphone XR and it says Ford Performance on it. A pen, chapstick, and notebook. Nothing really great but the battery charger and back pack is really nice. You have one year from the time you purchase your car to cash in on this however with Covid they have extended that but not sure how much longer. For the road course we got to make 10 laps because our group was small about 10 Edge and 15 Explorer vehicles so we had plenty of time to beat up their car and believe me we did. I tried to bend the ear of one of the instructurers from Ford Performance about the issues with the trans and he gave me a crap eating smile and said " Yea we know" but that was about as far as I got. He didn't design it or make it so nothing much he could do about it but I had to tell someone lol. I will say now that I have the newest TSB from june 2020 it does shift allot better but still doesn't shift as good as the 2020 I drove down their so something has changed but who knows what. You should do it mask or no mask I know the mask thing is a waste (didn't help the people from china that much did it) but hey no big deal I wear a Terminator mask so at least it looks cool. I bought a Fiesta ST Feb of 2020 and going to do that at Charlotte motor speed way in a few weeks so that will be even more fun because that car is a blast to drive and it doesn't hurt that there is hundreds of mods for that car..LOL Mine from a 30mph roll will run with my Edge no problem till about 90mph then the Edge ST would over take it. On a mountain road with twisties the Edge wouldn't have a chance of course my Edge ST is stock but the Fiesta has (intake, tune, big intercooler, 3 inch downpipe, 3 inch exhaust) so maybe not a fair comparison
  3. I have read where some of you have had the display go out and always thought I was glad mine didn't have the issue...well it took over a year of ownership but it happened on my last trip. Simple fix power and seek button and it rebooted the system and been working ever sense. Question is do I take it to ford is there a real fix or just do the reboot when it happens? Also I have read posts before about this but wanted to see if an update. I have the heated and cooled seats, as most of you know only the seat cools and not the back of the seat. Is this how it is suppose to be for the Edge ST or is there a fix for this yet from the dealer. I know there is the Sock fix you can do but after spending this much money on the car would rather it be right from FORD unless there is no fix for this? Thanks all
  4. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Had the flash done as you can read from my post above and drove it 6 hours to NC for the Ford Experience and back. I will say the shifts are spot on and had no issues. So far so good.
  5. vmaxbaby

    Ford ST experience Asheville NC

    Just got back from the Ford Experience and I must say it is worth it. I would recommend getting there a day or 2 early or stay a little longer to explore. We arrived on Sunday and spent the day downtown eating and going through the shops. That evening is the dinner that ford performance puts on. All tables were at least 6 ft apart (covid) and the dinner was steak and chicken. During the dinner everyone receives a Ford Racing Backpack with a few goodies in it along with new ST badges that are in black to replace the red ones from our vehicles. Tuesday morning free breakfast at the hotel and then at 7:45 you go to the tent outside in the parking lot to have your temputure checked and sign in. There is also where the Edge and Explorer ST's are located. Sadly you can only drive what you own meaning I wanted to drive the Explorer but could not only explorer owners could drive a explorer. After 15 minutes your off and running they have installed 2 way radios in the vehicles so the guides can talk to everyone at once during the drive. The nav system is programmed so you know where your going or if some of you don't make it through a light you won't be lost but they do wait up for you and they have a lead car and a sweeper car to make sure. Next 2 hours your driving in the mountains on a very windy twisty road with a great view of the mountains. Blue-ridge mountains if I remember correctly. After that you go to a another location and they have a car and course setup for doing controlled skid pad driving. You and a Ford Racing Driver are in the car only (must have a mask on) after each person gets out a person comes and wipes down the inside of the car. After that you head out for lunch at a country club. (all free) while you are their they are setting up a road type course for you to come back to. Now you spend another 2 hours doing the road course and also doing the crash avoidance exercises. After that you head back to the hotel but on the way you will be taking a off road course which is more or less a goat trail on the back side of the property basically doing some minor 4 wheeling in the vehicle they provide you. Everything you are doing is in their vehicle not yours FYI. Once back to park the cars and you are given passes to tour the mansion. ( we toured the day before so just tell them you want tickets early) Ford did a really good job setting this up and besides the gas to get their and a couple meals you eat on your own it is all included. For the money we spent on these cars we truly paid for all this LOL so if you have the vacation time and are close I would say do it. ** Observation ** So all vehicles are 2020 and even though they are the same at the 2019 something was different with the transmission shifting from my 2019. I just got my Trans flashed with the latest Jun 2 update a few week back and it made a world of difference. No banging into reverse and the shifts are better...not seems better but are better. However with that said driving the 2020 Escape it shifted even better in sport mode and normal drive mode. I drove the car for 4 + hours and can tell you there is a difference so not sure what is different about the 2019 vs the 2020. Is it the Torq converter ? different flash than what I just got? Not sure but it shifted better than mine it seemed to be smoother if I had to put it in words. Had the wife drive it for about and hour and she said "yea it shifts better" The cars had 4,500 miles on them and they get run hard for sure, on the slalom course they setup you are beating on the car gas and brakes for over an hour Anyhow wanted to give everyone my 2 cents are the event. Your hotel: https://www.biltmore.com/stay/village-hotel/ Biltmore Tour you take: https://www.biltmore.com/
  6. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I got mine done on Wednesday and took it for a 2 hour drive up and down mountains. Shifts feel good, seems a little quicker and so far no clunking. Driving it to North Carolina for the ST experience in a few weeks so will see how that trip goes.
  7. vmaxbaby

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Going in July to NC looking forward to it.
  8. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Hello aphxtwinin, So now that you have run it for almost a week everything still seem solid? Any difference in shifting from 1-3 I know you said 3/4 is better.
  9. vmaxbaby

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    I just wanted an excuse to buy a fiesta ST but my Edge ST is in the garage so clean you could eat off. I do drive it on nice days but like it to stay as clean as possible more so this time of the year (winter in virginia) the ST fiesta I can wash in 15 minutes but the Edge takes more time so just will let it sit beside the mustang till weather is nice or at least when there isn't salt and all those stupid little stones or whatever it is they spread all over the road. I have had the Edge for a while and it only has 2900 miles on it so once something comes out that checks all my boxes someone that wants and Edge ST is going to get a super clean one with very little miles on it
  10. vmaxbaby

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    Well we loved the Fiesta SE so much we sold it this week and bought a brand new Fiesta ST. One thing I truly enjoy is all the mods you can do to this car. Since the Edge ST doesn't seem like it will ever have any parts for it I figure the Fiesta would hold me over until A someone makes some parts, or B Ford makes a better Edge ST in 2022-23. The Edge is faster than the Fiesta for now but it is allot more fun to drive. Parts will be coming soon to get this thing close to 260 ft-lbs torque which should make it a blast to drive
  11. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    My point is for 50K they could have done allot better. I know the interior is dated but I am okay with that (the refresh version hopefully is nicer) but I have a GT500 running 10's so no I didn't buy this for the drag strip but when a 2019 Honda Passport takes me from the light and I have to be at 60+mph to over take it well that sucks. Adding insult we get to the next light and I have my window down and he says "I though those were suppose to be fast" He is 280hp maybe and no where near the torque and here I am in what Ford Performance has blessed to be a performance SUV but because how this thing is tuned (factory) and the trans it is a pig IMO from a dead stop. I don't expect to be able to out run high end suv's but damn a honda passport puts it on me. Limited boost in 1st and 2nd because they are afraid the trans or drive line won't handle it...my suggestion is make it handle it I am willing to pay more for performance my budget was 55K for something new and I didn't want Dodge so it left me with this. The explorer ST would have been a close 2nd but I don't need 7 passenger vehicle but I do like the 10 speed can take abuse I see guys at the drag strip with 10 speed GT mustangs beating the crap of there car and no issues so far but I know ours can't have that 10 speed. Do I hate the car NO.. it rides good, handles very well for being a tank, great sound system, the AC will freeze you in the summer within a few minutes, getting 25.5 avg mpg highway which isn't bad, now it does have more safety crap than I need, I don't need lane assist, I don't need adaptive cruise, or for the car to brake if it doesn't think I am going to maybe when I am older would appreciate all that but that is the way that all cars are just happy I won't have to fix it any of that while I own it
  12. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Mine has been in for 2 updates and it is 100% better HOWEVER with that said this Trans is just a flawed design IMO. 2nd and 3rd are so close it is a waste they even shift from 2nd to 3rd and 7th and 8th seem so close in ratio not even sure why FORD stuck in the extra gear. You know they put time and attention in the Shelby GT500 so it would be right because they knew allot of eyes would be on them but I feel this vehicle which is just a Edge Sport with some suspension upgrades, 8 speed and a few minor things they just rushed it out. They had to test this car for at least a year before coming to market I would assume and how did the testers not see these issues and report back to the engineering staff to make changes. Somewhere someone dropped the ball OR (working in manufacturing myself) what I have seen is they invest so much into a product and when they discover there is a flaw as long as it isn't a life or death flaw they will sign off on it and let it go. We have done that over and over again with our products so you know FORD and the others do the same thing and we pay the price. This ST should be somewhat of a beast with the right transmission of course not out running the HEMI's of the world but should run allot better without going to a aftermarket tuner. If LMS or the like can make this car perform better FORD could have also but I fear they don't have faith in their product. (No Boost in 1st and 2nd) Don't get me started... SMH...
  13. vmaxbaby

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    Thank you for the update Jamie. I go back and forth if I should tune it or even been thinking about the explorer ST but it isn't perfect either. For the price of these vehicles you would think they would be more dialed in. Or better yet if Ford Performance would have truly worked on the tune that would have been a plus also.
  14. So for those that have a tune and I know some of you have now been running a tune for almost a year what is your thoughts. Have you had an negative side effects from it? I called this morning to talk with LMS and the sales guys said the tune does make the transmission shift harder so wondering how much harder? I have the latest TSB done for the Transmission and right now it shifts the way it should have from day one so I don't need a tune for that although it comes with it I just want some more get up and go from a dig. So wanted to see who all has tuned, who tuned it, and what your thoughts are now that you have it done. Thank you all in advance.
  15. vmaxbaby

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I bought a Fiesta SE to drive in the winter so the Edge can sit in a garage and now after owning the Fiesta for 3 months I love this little car so next year going to find a used 2019 Fiesta ST as my daily. Tons of mods for that car LOL....and I am sure a slightly modded ST is allot of fun The Edge ST is great for hauling the family around but I wouldn't call it fun. Maybe a tune for change my mind.