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  1. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    My point is for 50K they could have done allot better. I know the interior is dated but I am okay with that (the refresh version hopefully is nicer) but I have a GT500 running 10's so no I didn't buy this for the drag strip but when a 2019 Honda Passport takes me from the light and I have to be at 60+mph to over take it well that sucks. Adding insult we get to the next light and I have my window down and he says "I though those were suppose to be fast" He is 280hp maybe and no where near the torque and here I am in what Ford Performance has blessed to be a performance SUV but because how this thing is tuned (factory) and the trans it is a pig IMO from a dead stop. I don't expect to be able to out run high end suv's but damn a honda passport puts it on me. Limited boost in 1st and 2nd because they are afraid the trans or drive line won't handle it...my suggestion is make it handle it I am willing to pay more for performance my budget was 55K for something new and I didn't want Dodge so it left me with this. The explorer ST would have been a close 2nd but I don't need 7 passenger vehicle but I do like the 10 speed can take abuse I see guys at the drag strip with 10 speed GT mustangs beating the crap of there car and no issues so far but I know ours can't have that 10 speed. Do I hate the car NO.. it rides good, handles very well for being a tank, great sound system, the AC will freeze you in the summer within a few minutes, getting 25.5 avg mpg highway which isn't bad, now it does have more safety crap than I need, I don't need lane assist, I don't need adaptive cruise, or for the car to brake if it doesn't think I am going to maybe when I am older would appreciate all that but that is the way that all cars are just happy I won't have to fix it any of that while I own it
  2. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Mine has been in for 2 updates and it is 100% better HOWEVER with that said this Trans is just a flawed design IMO. 2nd and 3rd are so close it is a waste they even shift from 2nd to 3rd and 7th and 8th seem so close in ratio not even sure why FORD stuck in the extra gear. You know they put time and attention in the Shelby GT500 so it would be right because they knew allot of eyes would be on them but I feel this vehicle which is just a Edge Sport with some suspension upgrades, 8 speed and a few minor things they just rushed it out. They had to test this car for at least a year before coming to market I would assume and how did the testers not see these issues and report back to the engineering staff to make changes. Somewhere someone dropped the ball OR (working in manufacturing myself) what I have seen is they invest so much into a product and when they discover there is a flaw as long as it isn't a life or death flaw they will sign off on it and let it go. We have done that over and over again with our products so you know FORD and the others do the same thing and we pay the price. This ST should be somewhat of a beast with the right transmission of course not out running the HEMI's of the world but should run allot better without going to a aftermarket tuner. If LMS or the like can make this car perform better FORD could have also but I fear they don't have faith in their product. (No Boost in 1st and 2nd) Don't get me started... SMH...
  3. vmaxbaby

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    Thank you for the update Jamie. I go back and forth if I should tune it or even been thinking about the explorer ST but it isn't perfect either. For the price of these vehicles you would think they would be more dialed in. Or better yet if Ford Performance would have truly worked on the tune that would have been a plus also.
  4. So for those that have a tune and I know some of you have now been running a tune for almost a year what is your thoughts. Have you had an negative side effects from it? I called this morning to talk with LMS and the sales guys said the tune does make the transmission shift harder so wondering how much harder? I have the latest TSB done for the Transmission and right now it shifts the way it should have from day one so I don't need a tune for that although it comes with it I just want some more get up and go from a dig. So wanted to see who all has tuned, who tuned it, and what your thoughts are now that you have it done. Thank you all in advance.
  5. vmaxbaby

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I bought a Fiesta SE to drive in the winter so the Edge can sit in a garage and now after owning the Fiesta for 3 months I love this little car so next year going to find a used 2019 Fiesta ST as my daily. Tons of mods for that car LOL....and I am sure a slightly modded ST is allot of fun The Edge ST is great for hauling the family around but I wouldn't call it fun. Maybe a tune for change my mind.
  6. vmaxbaby

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Talked to Josh at afepower.com and got some good news.
  7. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    So this weekend put about 150 miles on the Edge after the dealer did the reflash. It now shifts the way it should have from day one, it feels like it is going into each gear and it holds for a few seconds instead of just wanted to get to the top gear. After about 80 miles I turned the Sprint Booster back on and that of course helps also, Throttle response is instant just like a tune except this doesn't give any more HP just opens the TB fully and immediately.
  8. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Took mine in yesterday for first old change and to get new flash. Only got to drive it about 8 miles to home but the shifts in both D and S seem better. I felt like it held the gears a little instead of wanting to race up to the next gear. Also the throttle response seems better not as good as Sprint Booster Box which I turned off till I get a good feel for the change but this weekend will turn it back on to get the quick pedal response back.
  9. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    19EdgeSTeve you will be a could person to tell us the difference since you know how it is tuned and how it is right now stock. Of course the LMS would have to be better in the end but can't wait to hear what you think of the tune from Ford to see if it is better not just with the trans issue but better performance. I tuned my Shelby once my warranty was over and never had an issue but this thing...sadly I don't trust it yet..and my dealer sucks if a headlight stops working he would blame it on the tune..LOL
  10. vmaxbaby


    Let us know how it does in the snow, living in Virginia we get our share of snow but working for a school system we are closed if they even smell snow coming LOL. So doubt I take mine out in that mess but still good to know.
  11. vmaxbaby

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    First off I can't wait to get this flash, I go in toward the end of Nov for an oil change and will get this than. Thank you Jamie1073 for this info. Second thing Jamie1073 you say you will need tires in 20K miles.. sounds like you drive it like you stole it...I LIKE IT....
  12. vmaxbaby

    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    Get tips from like advance auto, pep boys, etc. and put them on and see the difference, than once I proved my theory that the exhaust being under the car was causing the noise I went to the shop that installed and had them weld the extensions on.
  13. vmaxbaby

    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    Yes bring the tips out through the hole, flush will take almost all the sound away in fact it was to quite so I moved them back a little to have some growl
  14. vmaxbaby

    TSB Update for transmission

    So we are now getting to the halfway point in Oct 2019 has there been any real updates for the transmission and all the shifting issues that so many are having. Clunking in and out of gear, slow shifts, shifting out of gear, etc. etc. Between here and the two biggest Facebook Groups for the EDGE ST these issues are so common and either here or on FB I read that Ford Engineers are aware of the problems and working on it but it seems that was well over a month or 2 ago? So does anyone know if they have a fix and they are keeping it secret? LOL
  15. vmaxbaby

    Sprint Booster/Pedal Commander worth it or waste of time

    Should work on your titanium I am sure the wiring harness on your accelerator pedal is the same. Also looked at your Sig your Buick GN was no joke and how do you not love a SS.. I salute you.