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    HELP! Transmission Problem, May be Torque Converter?

    Thanks, I'll try to find out the code.
  2. Joanne Howe

    HELP! Transmission Problem, May be Torque Converter?

    I also should mention that I have no warning lights coming on the dash at all.
  3. Joanne Howe

    HELP! Transmission Problem, May be Torque Converter?

    I've read a lot on the Edge Forums about a PCM failure that is a known issue. Could this be early signs of that?
  4. Joanne Howe

    HELP! Transmission Problem, May be Torque Converter?

    Thanks for replying, My mechanic checked the codes, he didn't tell me exactly what the code was but said it was transmission related. I have no leaks. He checked the fluid and said it looked clean and was the right level. I had my tires replaced the same day with new tires. It only happens when driving and for the most part it still runs fine. It tends to happen when I'm stuck behind someone and trying to maintain a constant speed by only applying lightly on the gas. If I stop giving it gas, it stops. If I apply more pressure to the gas, it stops. His explanation was that the torque converter was slipping in and out of lock and by giving it more gas it would lock and by giving it less gas it would stop trying to lock. He has been my trusted mechanic for many years and has always treated me fairly. He does not work on transmission at all though and refers all transmission issues to a transmission shop. I feel like I will eventually need to have the transmission rebuilt but am trying to find a way to make it a little less irritating while I save the money for the rebuild. I've seen a lot of reviews for the different transmission Stop Slip products and want to try the one that people have had the most success with. I probably will have the spark plugs changed too. Anyone else who drives it probably wouldn't notice a difference but to me it feels just a bit sluggish compared to how it used to drive. Any suggestions on a Stop slip product or other things I could try to help keep it running a bit smoother until I can afford the rebuild?
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone with a little more knowledge about transmissions and cars in general can help me. For the past few months I've had an issue with 2007 Ford Edge shuddering at around 1500-2500 RPM. I finally took it to my mechanic and he told me he thinks it is the torque converter. He said since it's not that bad and the end result is going to be a transmission rebuild I should leave it until it gets unbearable. I have done some "google" research and came across a few different things. First, should I try a transmission stop slip product? There a re a few and I went to Canadian Tire I picked up Lucas Stop Slip but before I try it I want to find out if there is a better product that I should use instead. Second, I've had this vehicle for 3 years, I drive a lot and it has high milliege 200,000KM + I've never changed the spark plugs. Should I get that done to see if possible a misfire in the engine could be causing my torque converter to act crazy and they probably should be done anyway? I used to do this myself on my older cars but on the Edge it is a lot more difficult then simply changing the plugs and I'm not gonna start taking a part the manifold, I'd rather just pay someone else to do it. Please help, any other possible suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to prolong the life of my transmission as much as possible. Thanks in advance for any help that may be giving!