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  1. 2013 with 70000.miles Making a scrunching sound when turning that vibrates through the steering wheel. It will do it when turning the wheel while in park. I thought perhaps upper strut bearing, had the wife turn the wheel while I watch/feel the top of the strut but it seems fine with no movement or bad feel. Any ideas? I assume the CV joint wouldn't make noise while parked? Are there any grease nipple on this front suspension? It's kind of a rubber on metal scrunch sound, not constant but at points through the whole turn lock to lock.
  2. I'm getting the dreaded door ajar warning on my wife's 2013 Edge SEL. I want to buy the part on line and replace it myself. I want to make sure I have the new updated part. Anyone know the number?
  3. We got the dealer to change the oil in February. The sticker they put on says change in August or 5000km (3000miles) . And its' Mobil 1 synthetic. The change oil light soon came on last week so I assume that they never reset it.
  4. Okay so someone explain this oil change monitor for me. I have a basic understanding of how it works but what are the % settings for? Why would I want it set to 30%, 40% etc?
  5. I have a 2013 SEL. It has black trim the length of each side, from the mirror to the back, between the body and the glass. I've noticed the Limited model has chrome (or stainless or bright finish, whatever you call it). I'm going to contact a few wreckers to see if I can get some but it might help if I know the proper name or part number. Anyone know? (And don't suggest the aftermarket stuff you stick on. I bought some but returned it.)
  6. There's a trim that runs the length of each side of the vehicle between the glass and the body. I think there's 4 pieces per side. On my 2013 SEL they are black and on some Limited model they are chrome. I'd like to swap mine out for the chrome ones, preferably from a wrecker yard. Does anyone know the proper name or part numbers for these. I can't find them on fordparts.com
  7. Just to follow up I ended up buying some PVD chrome wheels identical in design to my silver painted wheels. I'm very impressed. I got them from Detroit wheel and tire and it was an exchange program, they got my original rims.
  8. Am I the only one who hates the steering wheel? On long highway rides especially I like to put my hand at the bottom 6 o'clock position but you can't with this wheel. Who designed this thing? It changes in 2015 but still looks as though it won't be possible to hold at the bottom.
  9. I noticed during a heavy rainstorm with the wipers on high every 3rd or 4th cycle the tips of each wiper are colliding with one another causing them to jump. Has anyone else had this problem? It looks like they are the original wipers.
  10. Done. I bought a couple of Ford 80 bit chip keys and got them cut. Here's the programming method: - put an original key in and turn to ON, wait 1-10 seconds and turn off and remove. - repeat the same with second original key, within 10 seconds of removing 1st key. - insert new key, turn on and wait 1-10 seconds before turning off and removing. - security light will go on for 3 seconds to indicate success. I never noticed the security light but my door chime bonged a few times.
  11. I seriously need some chrome wheels instead of the painted ones on my SEL. There are some chrome skins on Ebay pretty inexpensive. Has anyone seen these or used these? I don't want it to look too cheap. I wonder if they would scratch the rims underneath? Ebay item #321425698581
  12. I have an aftermarket remote starter for my SEL. I don't need the remote style original key and it's bulky on my key ring. Can I buy a smaller chip key and program it? Are they an 80 bit key?
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