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  1. Justin400

    steering sensor

    Brake lights and diagnostic code pull. This started happening after I had an alignment done. I took it back and they said nothing was wrong. 3 months later the error message is populating again on the console. Not sure what it could be? I just have a hard time is the steering angle sensor.
  2. Justin400

    Misfire on cyl 4

    My issues started about 6 mos ago with issues starting occasionally. Engine would always start but seemed to crank excessively. Well the other day when on a road trip to visit the family it started to shudder while accelerating at around 3500-4500 rpm. Then I got a misfire code. Replaced sparkies and coils since it is at 150k miles already. Problem still occurs. Threw some injector cleaner in with no expectation it would help. Fuel pump has been tested and it’s within spec. I have a dealer appointment Friday but I’m supposed to drive back home Monday. It idles fine but it’s when accelerating hard it becomes problematic. It also feels like there is some resistance when accelerating in general but no misfires. Not burning coolant or oil so doubt it’s a head gasket issue.
  3. Justin400

    Starting issue continued…

    So far battery checks good, starter seems to be cranking fine, and the fuel pump pressure is within spec. Mechanic said he doesn’t know what other diagnostics to run and recommended going to the dealer. Basically I turn the key and sometimes it starts fine sometimes it cranks more than it should need. Just wanna get the issue resolved before it leads me stuck somewhere this winter. Appointment is Thursday at Ford but any ideas would be appreciated. Issue has been intermittently present since replacing the spark plugs 50k miles ago but don’t think it’s related. It has been more frequent now.
  4. Justin400

    Check Charging System alert 2013 3.5L

    Same issue on mine a while back. It worked fine for a while just the occasional chime to check charging system and then it became more frequent. Mechanic didn’t want to replace it because the alternator tested fine on diagnostics. I ended up saying I’d eat the cost even if it didn’t fix it. Replaced and the alert went away.
  5. Justin400

    ABS issues

    So I had a nail in my tire last week and had the shocks replaced as well. They performed an alignment. Went in today for a fuel pump test and as I was driving in my ABS system faulted and gave me a check braking system message. Not really sure where to go from here?
  6. Justin400

    Issues starting car?

    So I have a new alternator, plugs, and battery. I don’t think the issue is electrical. Randomly my vehicle will take 6 or 7 cranks to start and then it’ll start fine the next time. It happens completely randomly regardless of temperature, or time vehicle has sat. No check engine lights either or performance issues after vehicle is started.
  7. Justin400

    2014 Edge Electrical problems

    Can you send the steps for this model
  8. Justin400

    2014 Edge Electrical problems

    I'm having intermittent "Check Charging System" messages displaying on my dash cluster. I went to auto zone and the voltage read 14.2v when running, battery was looking pretty corroded and was testing bad. I replaced the battery. I'm not sure where to go next. Is it the alternator? Where do I go next with diagnosing and resolving this?
  9. Justin400

    2014 Edge AWD rumbling noise

    Update: took it to a mechanic who’s been in the business for years. He took it for the day after dropping me off at home from work and going for a test drive. went to sleep and woke up at 3pm and he gave me call. New wheel bearing was what i needed and quoted me $70 under book price for the service. great guy. will definitely do business with him again.
  10. Justin400

    tracking down a noise - rear differential ?

    i’m taking it to the dealer tomorrow to throw more money at it. I’m sure it’s possible but i really don’t think that is the cause.
  11. Rear Differential failed and had it replaced with a salvaged part. i’m still hearing the noise that’s the reason i brought it in in the first place. low rumbling that sounds louder with speed. my second thought is the PTU but in a previous post i mentioned that i had that serviced at the same time as the Diff. the noise seems to be getting more aggressive. i don’t think it’s wheel bearings either because there is no play in the wheels and steering doesn’t seem to be effected. any advice to troubleshoot this? i can’t tell if i’m paranoid or if there is an issue. is it common for the diff and ptu to fail together?
  12. Justin400

    2014 Edge AWD rumbling noise

    sounds like what i’m experiencing
  13. Justin400

    2014 Edge AWD rumbling noise

    to add to this i get a ticking sound at low speeds like less than 10 mph.
  14. Justin400

    2014 Edge AWD rumbling noise

    120k and bought at 80k so if the dealer did it before selling it to me than 40k if not it’ll be the first time.
  15. Justin400

    2014 Edge AWD rumbling noise