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    2013 Edge rear wiper not working

    HI, Thanks for your reply. I have checked the voltage and I have 12 volts at the motor connector. I am not sure where to find the ground at the rear. I have the trim removed but the ground connection does not jump out at me. What should I be looking for. An OEM diagram would sure help. What is involved in replacing the BCM? It doesn't sound like a DIY job. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, My rear wipers are not working. I have checked the fuses, replaced the switch on the steering column. Replaced the motor but still doesn’t work. It started out by acting erratically by not shutting down and finally died. I am not sure how to check for voltage on the 3 wire connector. Can someone tell me what I am missing besides the voltage check? Thanks in advance
  3. I tried installing ford sync in my 2013 ford edge and even though it says successfully installed. I do not see the new version. When I tried re-installing it says " already installed" Can someone help. I have ford touch with Nav.
  4. I looking for a video to replace the drivers side mirror and the trim around it on my 2013 Edge SEL. I have searched thru the post but do not see a detailed video for doing this repair. In particular how to remove the mirror. Please see attached pic. Thx