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  1. That makes sense. The rear went well but I still haven’t got the front finished, still waiting on parts. Thanks special k and dad for doing that!
  2. I bought some last night based off there catalog they don’t really stock them most places was hard to find both. Will report when they get here and installed.
  3. I took it out by the salt flats and it seemed better than usual but I’m fighting 60k worth of wear. Am planning on doing the fronts. It took about 5 miles for them to get worn in but after that it’s been smooth sailing ⛵️ I don’t do too hard of corners compared to extra. It doesn’t feel unbalanced to me but I’m not pushing crazy power either. I am curious if anyone has tried the front shock conversion to bilstein yet?
  4. It’s been really nice. I have about 60k so they needed replacement anyways. I have only driven maybe 10 miles with them but only seem to loose grip in the front in heavy corners. I changed the bump stop height too. The cars stance seems a little higher in the back but when I do the front it should even out l. They have some on rock auto for my 15 but it looks more complicated and I don’t have a lift or garage haha 😂
  5. Also strongly suggest buying new bottom bolts the ford dealership only wanted $2.50 per bolt with the dry loctite I have done other suspension mods if anyone is interested
  6. The ford motorcade rear shocks tend to hit the bump stop to early for my taste. I ordered some bilstein b6. pn 24-283113. Bought a master pro fm1586 bump stop. Cut it out to fit the top butterfly aluminum price that mounts the top of the shocks. I cut the price to fit and had a master mechanic look at it before I put it on. Just polished the aluminum with a wire brush from Walmart the hart brand has nice ones for like 6 bucks. I had some combined covers for the shocks. Can post pics if wanted.
  7. Gmandude

    Transmission Flush at 30k

    My dealer checks mine and I’m at 65 k still no signs of anything they suggested not doing yet might do a dump n swap
  8. Gmandude


  9. I forgot about that guy. I have two really large subs and have found the rear isn’t much noise Stock. Really cool idea. I have been thinking about using it as a cheap filler for other areas as well...
  10. As always a slamming post
  11. How did it work out?
  12. Gmandude

    2014 Edge jack and all weather mats

    I’ll start the bidding at $75 including shipping!
  13. Gmandude

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Dude this is so awesome. I have seriously had dreams of just hacksawing it and putting something massive in! So amazing.