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  1. Assuming you actually removed the liquid and stain go to Costco and buy some the fabreeze clips for the air vents they work really well until the interior odor is lifted
  2. Why did it take so long ? There should be a grommet on the drivers side
  3. Gmandude

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    I always did NGK but really feel like I have better times with the OEM. Was the OEM gapped at .032 I take it?
  4. What year are the liners for ? How much?
  5. I’n addition I thought one you drive 75 miles it locks it up to that vin ?
  6. Gmandude

    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    I have a custom Fiberglas tub for the speakers but kept the skinny tire. if you are one of the cool members who drives 300k plus imagine the fuel difference on that amount of driving? the real reason is people don’t know how to change tires and want more space and better handling. The whole idea is if the spare is small and light it’s easier to swap out. you can do it as other members have mentioned but it will require modification it’s not just going and buying a full sized tire slap it in the trunk and be on your way. https://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/the-disappearing-spare-tire.html
  7. Not going to lie... I put the dust cover on backwards for one of the assemblies. any ideas if it’s worth the trouble to take apart again? technically they are both on now. Still have cowling and hood accessories to put back together.
  8. I got my new shocks this last weekend! I installed one with my usual hand tools. My large 3/8 socket driver was down so I had a stubby and lost /stolen 1/2 sockets that where needed. So I used open ended his wrenches. My hand is bruised but it’s On. I used a boot kit from rock auto and bought all. Ew up top parts from a ford deAler. Had to get to the firewall to get the top off. Learned a few stupid things if notes are needed like break the top bolt with a through hole large socket and a 10mm baby socket but have to use a 7mm? Allen for the new one.
  9. They keep saying they are going to ship but I can’t even find the charge on my cc anymore o am wondering what happened or if it’s sept before it ships like mentioned...
  10. I agree. I fully rebuilt a engine once and have no desire to go down that road again... Let alone add in transmission and I’m out! In regards to the sleeper if I fall asleep all the time does that count as a sleeper? Haha.
  11. That makes a lot more sense now. Was wondering how you knew so much so quickly. Very impressive! congrats 🎉
  12. Are you thinking you are going to have ZFG or JC or yourself Do the swap? Are you thinking a full swap or partial?
  13. There should be some welding involved. There is one specific cross member that should change in addition to most of the obvious things. I will try to take a picture of it later tonight but on most models it seems to change. Can help with welding advice if needed although it’s been a few years. i wonder about how the ECU accessories where split up in the CANs...?
  14. When I did the rears they did not come with any replacement bump stops and the fronts shouldn’t either (un confirmed) I did order some generic bump stops with more mevo tech tie rod ends and sway bar links (already installed the sway bar stuff but am struggling getting the stupid bolt off for the Tie rod and haven’t had time).
  15. They have been on for a while now and no problems so far