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  1. Hello, I have a 2012 Edge Limited. Recently the fan setting for the climate control will randomly turn itself up to the highest setting. It seems to NOT be on the touch screen but maybe something with the actual console part.. Any one else hear of this? Any at home ideas before I have to take it in? Temp never changes, but the fan speed will turn up, even if it's turned off.. Thanks in advance!
  2. ab50228

    2012 Limited pulling right

    Before the alignment, yes.
  3. ab50228

    2012 Limited pulling right

    Just bought 12 Edge Ltd, it pulls pretty hard to the right, during acceleration and coasting. ..Had a few 4wheel alignments. Dealership (bought from toyota dlr) can't figure out what's wrong, sent it to body shop to see if something was bent. Still nothing. Anyone have experience with this? Something I can suggest to look for? Ford mechanic looking at it next... Sick of waiting!