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  1. Ugh... Yeah, I think you're right. I'm examining the info that Haz posted, but it's looking like this one has to be at least evaluated by the shop. Thanks!
  2. My 2010 Edge suddenly failed to start. With the key out of the ignition, the security light on the dash flashes every few seconds as it always has. With the key in and ignition in the on position, the security light flashes rapidly - a few times/second - for 1 minute then it flashes a sequence of one flash, then about 2 seconds later six flashes and then repeats that sequence. I've seen posts here and across the internet on that 1-6 sequence and have tried a few of the recommendations for that including moving the shifter and trying to start in Neutral and also replacing a few parts, pulling parts from a salvage car including the ignition key sensor (immobilizer) and the in-car junction/fuse box (I think that's also the BCM and remote entry sensor). None of those changed anything at all. It's possible that those parts were damaged on the salvage car, but they don't show any signs of damage. Also, I have two OBD readers, but both report a connection error when I plug them in. The OBD port has power. Even so, I looked at the under-hood fuses - especially fuse 17 for the cigar lighter/power port - and they look and test fine. 1) Any ideas of what to evaluate next? 2) Does the OBD connection go dead if the car is in a security lockout condition? 3) Or, is the security lockout/light flashing possibly the result of the computer not being readable? 4) Are there any relays that could be involved with this? I can easily test the fuses, but relays are more of a trial and error situation. 5) I have the PCM (under hood fuse box) from the salvage car, but connecting it would be a long process since it doesn't have block connectors and the salvage yard made me pull all the fuses and relays, so, I'd have to connect all the wires and transfer the fuses and relays and I wanted to get the Forum's opinion on that being a possible solution before I try that. Thanks for any suggestions!