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  1. Perhaps your past experience, informed by these key-related Workshop Manual sections, can lead you to a solution. 2008 MKX - Anti-Theft - Workshop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Integrated Keyhead Transmitter (IKT) Key Programming Using Diagnostic - Workshop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Anti-Theft Security Access - Workshop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Transmitter Programming - Workshop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Key Programming Switch State Control - Workshop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Key Programming Using Two Programmed Keys - Factory Shop Manual.pdf 2008 MKX - Spare Key Programming - Unlimited Key Mode - Workshop Manual.pdf Good luck!
  2. Haz

    Check part by VIN

    Ford's corporate website, https://parts.ford.com/en.html, has a VIN-based parts search engine, which they recommend as providing the greatest accuracy in search results. Ford's dealer-centered OASIS information system provides a variety of reports, including the Historical Vehicle Bill Of Material (HVBOM), reported by VIN, which lists parts numbers of components used at the time of manufacture. Compatible replacement parts may have a differing part number, as a result of engineering changes/improvements over time. I expect more than several Forum members have OASIS access and could provide you a VIN-specific HVBOM, as well as a copy of the original Window Sticker, listing the systems and features on the vehicle when it was sold. Good luck!
  3. In my 2015 MKX, fulfilling the GEN 1 Information Display message by pushing the Start Button with foot already pressing on brake pedal causes the gauge cluster and center stack to awaken and the normal memory seat & steering wheel positions to be resumed. That concurrent brake/button action apparently normalizes the vehicle's running state and removes the engine shutdown potential. The gear shift remains locked until the brake pedal is pressed and then the transmission can be shifted out of Park. The GEN 2 procedure represents a streamlining of the "To Drive:" process with the Intelligent Key present -- at least on U.S. paper -- apparently substituting the the Gear Shift interlock button for the GEN 1 action of pressing the Start button, such that stepping on the brake pedal & shifting is all that's necessary to get a GEN 2 vehicle underway. Good luck!
  4. My 2015 MKX is still GEN 1, whereas 2015 and later Edge are GEN 2, as well as 2016 & later MKX/Nautilus are GEN 2. Interestingly -- as you say -- GEN 2 Edge/MKX/Nautilus "To Drive:" directions after remote starting are different from GEN 1 vehicles. According to the 2016 MKX and the 2020 Edge Owners Manuals, the Information Display message should be... Good luck!
  5. The below Warning Chimes System Diagram lists the warning chimes and the network of electronic modules involved in the sounds being generated through the Instrument Panel speaker or through the vehicle audio speakers, but keep in mind your Edge may not be equipped with optional features included in the list… The below-attached 2016 Edge Warning Chimes Description and Operation from the online Workshop Manual provides warning chime descriptions that may be helpful toward identifying the type and eventual source and cause of the intermittent alert sound… 2016 Edge Warning Chimes Description and Operation.pdf (download link) Good luck!
  6. Based only upon the Workshop Manual info, I also was concerned for you that a high-dollar assembly replacement might be necessary. Good luck!
  7. Based upon your past Forum posts, I expect this information will equip you for a likely DIY repair. The online 2017 Edge Workshop Manual describes the Body Control Module (BCM) role in stoplamps operation… And the quasi-fusing effect of the above-mentioned Field Effect Transistor (FET) in stoplamp fault conditions is described as… Here is the full Stoplamps Diagnosis and Testing Procedure, though your need is only for the “One Or More Stoplamps Are Inoperative” portion, which I have expanded for the Rear Lamp Assembly Left Hand connector testing detail, 2017 Edge Stoplamps Diagnosis and Testing Procedure.pdf (download link) which involves this Rear Lamp Assembly connector… …and hopefully won’t progress to additional testing involving this Body Control Module (BCM) connector… Though simple, here is the Rear Lamp Assembly removal procedure... 2017 Edge Rear Lamp R & R Instructions.pdf (download link) Wiring diagram... Good luck!
  8. After being remote-started, the 2015 MKX stays running when the release button on the locked shifter is pushed. The 2015 also shows a "To Drive: Press Brake and START Button" reminder message in the left side Information Display. This "To Drive" reminder was initially added to 2014 models. Good luck!
  9. My prior levity aside, discussions here often allow me to learn something new. In my nine years of MKX ownership, I've used the remote start function three or four times. From my 2012 MKX, I recalled the need to press the door-lock button on the Intelligent Access key before double-pressing the remote start button. I always presumed that was to deny access into the vehicle while the remotely started vehicle was running. Not so. Just went outside and opened 2015 MKX driver's door. Pushing door-lock button, indeed, actuated doors to lock, after which, double-pushing remote start button caused MKX to start with driver's door open. Closed driver's door, opened rear liftgate, pushed door-lock button, doors locked, double-pushed remote start button, MKX started with rear liftgate open. These were not the outcomes I expected. Remote Start information in Edge/MKX Users Manuals from 2011 to 2021 is essentially the same... Good luck!
  10. I believe the Gen 1's had an additional trim strip, outboard of the glass roof side panel, where the roof rack bars would mount on a non-panoramic model, and I don't see those secondary filler strips in TonyP's photo... Because of that, I pulled Gen 2 instructions, but perhaps I'm wrong. Good luck!
  11. I guess that explains why the Model T wouldn't start unless both hood side panels were closed when using the remote starter crank on the front. With a hood panel open, it just went aoogha, aoogha. 😀 Good luck!
  12. Here you go... 2016 Edge Roof Panel Side Trim R & R - Ford Online Workshop Manual.pdf (download link) Good luck!
  13. Haz

    2017 Explorer Rims on 2008 Edge

    The bolt circle of 2015-2018 Explorer wheels (5 x 4.25 inches) does match the bolt circle of 2006-14 Edge wheels (5 x 4.5 inches), however, the center bore of the Explorer is smaller (63.4 mm) than the GEN 1 Edge center bore (70.5 mm), per Wheel-Size's very nice website. If you can justify the additional cost, it may be possible to have a machine shop enlarge the Explorer wheels' center bore, if there's enough material to maintain the anti-vibration fit of the bored-out wheel center hole on the Edge's hub. You do not mention the diameter of the Explorer wheel you're considering, so you can review the wheel offset data on the above website to further evaluate the Explorer wheels' potential fit. Good luck!
  14. I've not experienced this problem, and since your car knowledge is limited, l'll keep this simple -- and visual. From the 2014 Edge Owners Manual, page 474, the beep sounds generated by the MyFord Touch screen and/or the Touch Panel controls can be turned ON or turned OFF, indicated here surrounded by a red rectangle... To review and/or revise these two Button Beep settings, on your Edge's MyFord Touch home screen, select the Settings gears icon at the bottom of the screen, indicated here surrounded by an orange circle... On the resulting Settings Menu screen, select the gear icon for System, indicated here surrounded by an orange oval... At the bottom of the resulting System Settings screen is the Touch Screen Button Beep options of ON or OFF, indicated here surrounded by an orange rectangle... On this same System Settings screen, if you scroll down the menu using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen, indicated here by the red-outlined orange arrow, the Touch Panel Button Beep options of ON or OFF will appear, indicated here surrounded by an orange rectangle... If you leave the Touch Screen Button Beep set to ON, and revise the Touch Panel Button Beep setting to OFF, then you can evaluate the Touch Panel controls as being the source of the spurious beep sounds. If they stop, it's the Touch Panel controls that are the source. If you're satisfied being rid of the spurious beeps, and, you're satisfied operating your Touch Panel controls without any audible feedback of their actuation, then your problem is solved. If the spurious beeps continue, then I would revise the Touch Screen Button Beep setting to OFF and leave the Touch Panel Button Beep set to OFF, also. If the spurious beeps are fully eliminated, then the Touch Screen is the source of the problem. I would then return the Touch Panel Button Beep setting to ON (presuming you like having that audible feedback) and further confirm that the spurious beeps are still gone. If you're satisfied being rid of the spurious beeps, and, you're satisfied operating your Touch Screen controls without any audible feedback of their actuation, then your problem is solved. If the spurious beeps continue with both the Touch Screen Button Beep and the Touch Panel Button Beep set to OFF, then a visit to the dealership may be necessary if you want to eliminate the noise. Perhaps they would reload some software that may have become corrupted -- or perhaps a software update is available, otherwise they will be doing diagnostic testing to chase down a bad control or some wiring and/or connector issue. I checked OASIS to see if any Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) on this topic and there were none listed for the 2014 Ford Edge Sport VIN I used (which was listed for sale online). Good luck!
  15. Perhaps the attached Diagnostic Procedure for Reversing Lamps and Reversing Lamp Connector diagram from the online 2016 Ford Edge Workshop Manual can be helpful, especially if you have capability to scan for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)... Good luck! 2016 Edge Diagnostic Procedure for Reversing Lamps.pdf (click to download PDF)