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  1. If you'd like to use Ford parts: larger capacity radiator, higher capacity cooling fan assembly, trailer wiring kit, trailer hitch. Fan assembly will require additional wiring and fuse in Battery Distribution Box, due to 2 X 40 amp cartridge fuse circuit protection needed, instead of current single 60 amp cartridge fuse. It's a lot less costly to have it all factory-installed, but I'm in the same situation as you with my 2015 MKX, and presently awaiting a back-ordered fan assembly. Factory tow package does not increase transmission fluid cooling within the air conditioning condenser, but adding an auxiliary transmission cooler is a prudent thing to do, while the front end is disassembled. Just as an informational reference, the SAE Tow Test Standards (PDF download link) applied when calculating a vehicle's tow rating include operating conditions that many of us may never encounter, like climbing and descending the Davis Dam grade... Good luck!
  2. Haz

    Wheel swap and tpms

    Wheel-Size's very nice website offers factory wheel dimensional data for the various generations of Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX / Lincoln Nautilus. Good luck!
  3. Haz

    Off Road Build Ideas

    Alan Pueblo's Basecamp Brooklyn channel on YouTube Good luck!
  4. Haz

    OBD2 Code P2195 and P2197

    Based upon your Edge's low brake pedal that probably results in braking very harshly and swiftly at full bottom, as well as the engine's stumbling idle that is on the verge of stalling out, I suspect the brake booster diaphragm has torn, especially if you can hear a hissing noise when applying the brakes. Input your vehicle's VIN at this website https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do and click on "Search" to determine if Customer Satisfaction Program 13N102 Brake Booster Warranty Extension (link to direct PDF download of Program description letter) is shown under the Outstanding Field Service Actions listing. This Program extends warranty coverage on brake booster failures on certain 2010-to-2013 Edge/MKX within a specific range of build dates, for 10 years of service or 150,000 miles beyond the original warranty start date, whichever occurs first, for a one-time replacement. If your Edge is eligible for this extended warranty Program, contact your local Ford dealer and schedule your vehicle in to have the brake booster checked. If your Edge is anything like our 2012 MKX when its brake booster failed, be careful if you choose to drive it to the dealership. Our MKX was borderline unsafe to drive when the diaphragm tear finally increased, but fortunately, it was a short drive there for me. The brake booster replacement was done free of charge with nearly 90,000 miles on our MKX. A past discussion of owner vehicle symptoms & Program experiences can be found here... Good luck!
  5. Haz

    DTE mode.

    While researching this topic, I did find mention on the Ford Owner site that the Low Fuel warning triggers at 1/16th of the tank, such that a vehicle with a higher MPG performance history might warn showing 80 miles DTE, versus the same vehicle with a lower MPG performance history might warn Low Fuel showing 35 miles DTE. This explained a difference I noticed between my 2012 MKX that always warned Low Fuel at 50 miles DTE, versus the first time my new-to-me 2015 MKX warned me -- at 73 miles, which I thought was peculiar. Strangely, I think I prefer a fixed interval of warning, which I now wonder might be attainable on my 2015 by using Forscan for Windows to modify an As Built data point. Good luck!
  6. Haz

    DTE mode.

    The "Normal or Towing" selection relates only to the calculation of the Distance To Empty value displayed by the trip computer. The Edge/MKX owners guide and the workshop manual both lack a definitive explanation, but according to one theory mentioned on a Ford truck discussion site, selecting "Normal" bases the Distance To Empty (DTE) calculation upon a 500 mile fuel usage pattern, versus "Towing" which calculates using a 60 mile fuel usage pattern. It seems to reason that resetting the trip computer when beginning to tow would produce a more valid DTE calculation based upon real-time performance, instead of the theoretical "Normal or Towing" historical fuel usage algorithm. Still, as someone said on the Ford truck discussion site, the DTE value is just a guide, and the driver still needs to stop and get fuel when the fuel gauge shows close to empty. Good luck!
  7. Haz

    Does anyone know what this sound is?

    Quite a variety of noises in the video. If occurring at low speed only when turning from center steer to left or right, could be a worn upper strut mount where the bearing surface creates the sound. Recently had our 2012 MKX (112,000 miles) at dealer for front strut replacement under extended warranty, hoping for new on both sides, but only one was faulty and covered. After replacement, no steering-action noise. Good luck!
  8. Haz

    Towing travel trailer

    Max tow capacity requires the proper hitch, trailer lighting wiring, a larger capacity radiator, and higher capacity cooling fan assembly that are included in the Class II Trailer Tow Package, but can also affected by the engine installed in your vehicle and/or if your vehicle is fitted with 21" or 22" diameter wheels. You describe your vehicle as not being Trailer Tow Package equipped. A good first step may be downloading your model year's Trailer Tow Guide from the Ford Fleet site to determine your vehicle's potential maximum. If your vehicle is potentially 3,500 lbs capable, then you could embark on installing the Trailer Tow Package components, or perhaps better to have a Ford dealer do the work to ensure any existing warranty is not endangered. This past discussion touches on what upgrading involves. I'm preparing to get the radiator/cooling fans upgrade on a new-to-me 2015 MKX on which a prior owner had his Lincoln dealer install a Ford Class II hitch and trailer lighting wiring. Good luck!
  9. Haz

    Some dirty on wheels

    The condition, described as 'white worm' corrosion, is technically 'filiform' corrosion, where a flaw in the clear coat allows the aluminum and/or other metals in the wheel to be affected by salt water or another corrosive agent. The effect looks bad, but shouldn't affect the structural integrity of the wheel. If your vehicle is still under warranty, see if your dealer will replace or have the wheel(s) refinished locally. In the photo, the granularity of the finish looks as though it is a painted and clear coated wheel, as opposed to a fully polished and clear coated aluminum wheel. Fully reconditioning corroded wheels involves sanding the surface with progressively finer grits until the original finish is approximated. This process can be do-it-yourself as long as you have the proper tools and are willing to invest the time to refinish the damaged surfaces, followed by clear coating, perhaps up to 6 hours per wheel. YouTube offers plenty of videos on DIY and professional wheel refinishing methods. If your wheels are painted and clear coated alloys, you may be able to re-paint and clear coat the wheel(s) yourself, but surface preparation is vital toward a satisfying result. Or, you could look for a used wheel to replace the corroded one. Good luck!
  10. Haz

    Tire Chains

    The owner's manual in the AWD section urges caution when driving in chains-required conditions, but does not provide any preference or prohibition other than to say excessive wheel spin can cause transmission damage. This online Q&A and this article suggest chaining all four tires as long as the vehicle manufacturer does not prohibit it. I just bought a 2015 AWD MKX, so if I buy chains, I'll buy two sets. Good luck!
  11. I'm feeling especially fortunate now. My award card was $134.74 after submitting my claim for two MyLincoln Touch incidents. Good luck!
  12. Congrats on your DIY fix!
  13. Brake booster failure, definitely. Same symptoms occurred on my 2012 MKX, including panic stop that yielded hissing noise with a high effort & bottoming brake pedal. Had mine replaced free of charge under Customer Satisfaction Program 13N02, which may apply depending on your vehicle's build date, per the attached document... 13N02 - Brake Booster Warranty Extension - 2010 thru 2013 Edge and MKX.pdf PROGRAM TERMS: This one-time program extends the coverage of the brake booster to ten years of service or 150,000 from the warranty start date of the vehicle, whichever occurs first. If a vehicle has already exceeded the mileage limit, this coverage will last through January 31, 2015. The dealer repair cost charged to warranty was $200 labor + $240 parts. Good luck!
  14. Link to Ford Protect extended warranty coverage descriptions. Good luck!