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  1. Prior to my receiving the Class Action case postcard that you received, I noticed version 3.1 was available thru the Ford/Lincoln Owner website. I downloaded the update to a USB stick and it self-installed on our MKX without any complication. I haven't noticed any real difference after installing the update, but at least nothing was degraded by it. The distinction of the postcard offer seems to be that the Class Action settlement provides that a dealer would install version 3.1 at no cost to the vehicle owner -- in case the owner is not capable of independently installing the version 3.1 update. Good luck!
  2. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    If your Edge is equipped with steering wheel audio controls, I expect accessory cables will enable those non-Sync/non-voice-control functions to work with higher-line replacement radios -- without breaking the bank. Good luck!
  3. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    The omniscience of akirby on all-things-Ford causes me to reluctantly mention this online article that describes the preservation of Sync function by using the iDatalink Maestro and appropriate accessory cables when installing certain aftermarket radios. These videos show the complexity of such installations, but hey -- if you have a Ford & enough money & patience & money & time & money -- you can achieve almost anything. Did I mention money?
  4. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    Since I've never encountered your issue, I poked around the web and discovered the Ford web page offering the manuals that weren't available to you. Your question helped me learn something new. We're all here to help and be helped by others. Merry Christmas!
  5. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    I have never owned a horse, but I've heard if you lead a thirsty horse to water, it will drink.
  6. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    The voice prompts your Pioneer 6-CD radio is offering about Sync Vehicle Health Reports are not due to Ford servers contacting your vehicle, but rather are the result of the Automatic Reminder setup for Vehicle Health Reports in your 2009 Edge's Sync system. If you refer to page 36 of the 2009 Sync Supplemental Guide (direct PDF download link), you will find the entry sequence for turning off those Automatic Reminders. That Supplemental Guide covers all functions of your Sync system and should enable you to utilize Sync to the fullest using a Bluetooth-capable cell phone or other USB-connected media device. The Sync Terms and Conditions web site page includes privacy-related descriptions of data that may be collected through your cell phone connection when using Sync Services. Other owner references for your 2009 Edge are available via this Ford website page link.
  7. Haz

    Reporting data to Ford?

    Per this Ford Owner website FAQ page, complimentary Vehicle Health Reports for 2008 to 2016 Model Year vehicles were discontinued in August 2018.
  8. For symptoms of brake booster failure, see 13N02 - Extended Warranty Coverage on Brake Booster.
  9. Attached as PDF... 13N02 - Brake Booster Warranty Extension - 2010 thru 2013 Edge and MKX.pdf
  10. The distance between the forward & aft jacking points, as indicated near the wheelwells on our 2012 MKX by arrows molded into the rocker covers, is 64 inches.
  11. Brake booster finally failed at 89,800 miles on our 2012 MKX with qualifying 9/8/2011 build date. Brake pedal became progressively spongy over a couple of weeks, then vacuum boost effect was lost and hissing noise was evident through firewall when brake pedal fully to floor and very high-effort brake operation. Dealer replaced brake booster under the 13N02 extended warranty coverage at no cost to us.
  12. Spilled gas on upward facing fabric of folded-down second row seat. Tried repeatedly covering spill area with baking soda and left it in place for a week each time, followed by vacuuming, which diminished gasoline odor, but didn't remove it. Read online about coffee grounds. Substituted ground coffee for baking soda, allowing successive applications to sit for a week before vacuuming. Totally removed gasoline odor! Definitely worth the cost of the 12-oz. bag of coffee and the vehicle's robust coffee aroma while it's working over a couple of weeks.
  13. Haz

    2015 with 18s" Time for Tires

    Recently, at 86k miles, replaced 2013 MKX's OE Michelins with Goodyear Assurance WeatherReadys, which improved steering & stability with a touch firmer ride and a touch more tread noise. Best price for me was at Sam's Club, for which there are cost-offsetting Membership deals, $15 per tire installation, and $176 per tire cost before an $80-off-four-tires promotional discount available through the end of 2019. The 18-inch WeatherReadys must be special ordered in, but arrived quickly, installation was prompt, personnel were efficient & knowledgeable.
  14. Wiz: I did not say all that, though you described our rotated head restraint as "eliminating" its effectiveness, or as "essentially removing the function entirely". Regardless, best wishes to Quincy toward his enjoying comfort & safety with his Edge's driver head restraint. Good luck!
  15. Wiz: After your recommendation to modify a safety device by deforming its structural supports in a bench vise, your lecture on ascetic motivation and design ignorance is especially enjoyable. Good luck!