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  1. Hi guys, Looking to buy a used weathertech set (1st row, 2nd row and cargo, prefer TAN color), currently using factory mats and I'm not a big fan. Lets me know what you have. Thank you.
  2. Granolagrinder

    What Edge Trim Level Did You Choose and Why

    It's at the end of 14' and I was out shopping for a used 13' Edge, mainly because I want the low mileage and little use/abuse of the car from previous owner. From the price point POV, its also affordable for me. Before my purchase, I test drove 2 engines, 3.5 and 3.7...there is an obvious different in throttle response, but I was leaning toward the limited model because 22" wheel on the sport are not that attractive to me. Plus, I've been wanting to have a panoramic vista roof, and all the driver convenience packages are very appealing as I've never owe a luxury vehicle. I also enjoy the Sony Speakers on limited model, they are AWESOME !!!
  3. Granolagrinder

    2011 edge sport rain sensor cover falling off

    Another Edge owner with the same problem here. How did elmer's glue work out for ya ?
  4. So this is the picture, looks like all the internal structures are exposed !! it must be the rain sensor, by the look from the diagram, it seems to fit right in. So, apparently people have been experiencing the cap fall off when the windshield gets hot. I was wondering if I could just glue this onto the windshield. Thanks guy.
  5. Hi guys, I recently purchased a used 13' Edge Limited here in Texas, the car come with all the accessories and packages. I notice on the windshield, right at the base adjacent to rearview mirror, there this one component being exposed. I would think there is a plastic cap to cover this unit but I really have no idea of its function. I took it to the local dealership and spoke to someone at part, he had told me that he couldnt find the part and he thinks its an accessory that was added on by previous owner. Anyone here got any idea ? Thanks
  6. Just want to say hi !!! Love what you guys done to the place !!