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  1. Sorry jmr. I said callipers, i meant brake pads...they only replaced pads....which i am thinking maybe stuck, or it was parking brake that stuck....i have an appointment this Friday morning to check it out.
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    May I ask what Wax or sealant you used to get such a gloss on your Edge?
  3. Bought a 2016 Edge Titanium V6 AWD, from the dealer, CPO, with only 3100 miles on it, in Oct 2019. The car was show room new, and was never driven by previous owner. I use the Edge as my Company Car for Field Service. I bought the Ford Premium Maintenance Plan, so i will have it maintained on a schedule like my previous company-provided company cars. This car, I hope to retire with and am taking care of. In February, I brought it in for a 20,000 mile maintenance. Dealer tells me, that i needed rear rotors and calipers. Vehicle had only 28,000 road miles on it, but was 4 years old. Brakes worked fine for few weeks. In March I got Covid 19 and the car sat in my driveway a few weeks not moved. On the morning I went to go to the store to pick up food, I released the electric parking brake, and as I backed down the driveway, I heard a loud POP. I had heard of calipers getting stuck, and thought that is what had happened, and the pop maybe was the caliber snapping back. However, ever since then, I have a terrible vibration when braking mostly from 50 MPH downwards. If i brake at 10-20 MPH, i do not feel it. I drove the car mostly on county roads and toll highways, where i can drive extended periods of time, not braking. So I have 2 questions. Q1. Why did my brakes need changing at only 28,000 if i do not use them much due to highway driving, and Q2. Does it seem to you other readers that the dealer put worse brakes on my vehicle (that were covered by my Maintenance Plan by Ford, not, the dealer) or did something wrong, that when the vehicle sat for few weeks, they seized up and now are shuddering? Also, i have not had the brake lines replaced per the recall yet, as i see they still do not have the replacement hoses available.