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    OEM backup camera for 2013 Edge SE?

    I wanted to check in here to see if anyone had success with this. I have a '12 SEL without touch/nav (just the 4" screen) but I also have the strange situation of an OEM camera already being installed in the liftgate, even though it wasn't optioned with one. This was a leased car and has all of 15k miles on it, so I can't imagine the leasee installed anything himself. In any case, before I found this thread, I started another topic at http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17564-backup-camera-without-my-touch and wanted to cross-link them. Unfortunately,there's not much helpful information in them, except the photos from toast. The 2012 sales brochure listed the 204A option package as Leather + Backup Camera, but not MFT. So I was pretty sure it was possible to get video on the 4" lcd, but didn't have any proof. I was scouring used car listings for example photos. Thanks, toast, for helping me keep my sanity. This weekend, if the weather holds, I'm going to pull the liftgate trim and make sure the camera is wired to something. If it is, then I think I'm on a software hunt. I imagine there's either a hidden switch in the existing software, or I'll need to flash a different version with the camera enabled.
  2. slEdgehammer

    Backup Camera Without My Touch

    I tried going into diagnostic mode, but there's nothing about a camera in there. I may have screwed up by installing the Sync App Link update. I wonder if my unit had been flashed with a backup camera software and I un-did it by updating via the Ford site. Assuming that, based on my VIN, Ford would have given me software without the backup camera. I'm sure this setup is possible, given the photos on this other post, http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/14729-oem-backup-camera-for-2013-edge-se/ and assuming the wiring is already done, I think I just have a software problem. Does anyone know if there's a repository with all the versions of Sync? Or can you only get the one that Ford thinks you should have based on your VIN?
  3. slEdgehammer

    Backup Camera Without My Touch

    I was hopeful, but I checked the mirror and the harness only has 4 wires, so it's not installed there. I might still contact the original dealer and see if they have any records on it. The lift gate hinge bolts don't show any signs of replacement, so now I have the mystery of why there's an OEM backup camera installed in a vehicle that didn't ship with a backup cam (I found the window sticker to confirm). I'm going to pull the panel and see if it's hooked up to anything. Has anyone tried adding a camera to a non-my touch system? It was possible to get, from what I can see in the sales brochure, so the software and harnesses could be there.
  4. slEdgehammer

    Backup Camera Without My Touch

    Thanks for the resources. They were very helpful. Looks like I was fooled. Complaining to the dealer probably wont help, so now I have an install job on my hands. At least I already have the camera.
  5. As a newly-anointed Edge owner, hello and thanks for all the info in this forum. I've learned a lot already, but it seems like most of the backup camera woes are also with the FMT system. I just purchased a 2012 Edge SEL without FMT. It just has the regular small screen Voice Sync system. The dealer promoted the car as having a backup camera and there is, in fact, an OEM camera above the license plate. Having test drove a couple Edges with backup cameras I didn't consider that this one wouldn't actually work. Shifting into reverse activates the park assist sensors, but the screens do not change to indicate anything about a backup camera. Although the Carfax is clean, I'm starting to worry that the liftgate was replaced at some point, due to the presence of a non-functional camera. I've been investigating this by reviewing the '12 option packages and have concluded that while the backup camera was available without FMT, it was not available without also getting leather. Since I have cloth seats, I think that having a factory backup camera was impossible. Firstly, can anyone confirm that this camera is not factory? Were the cameras available as one-off dealer-installed option or only included in factory option packages? Secondly, since I really wanted a backup camera, is there any way to check if this one is hooked up to anything? Are there specific wires I can check for in the lift-gate wire bundle? Are the non-FMT radios compatible with backup cameras and are there install guides around for hooking up to non-FMT systems?\ Any help would be greatly appreciated.