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    Smallest wheel for '13 Limited

    Even this neat little tool indicates that 17" should fit: http://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/edge/2013/ I'll move forward with trying to find the correct wheels and tires to fit. From what I see here I want 17" with 7.5" width and bolt pattern of 5X114.3, Maybe I'll go to a local performance shop rather than Canadian Tire and see if they'll carry what I'm looking for.
  2. Snafuflux

    Smallest wheel for '13 Limited

    I called parts and they asked for the size of the wheel. I gave them the 17" specs. he then asked which vehicle and I said the limited with 20" option. he immediately said no I don't suggest this.
  3. Snafuflux

    Smallest wheel for '13 Limited

    Yah agreed! I saw that too and thought it was a good option until Ford pushed back!
  4. Snafuflux

    Smallest wheel for '13 Limited

    I've been scouring the forum for a definite answer regarding obtaining snow rims/tires for the winter months. This is our first winter with our '13 Limited and my wife will be carting around our new born so I want to ensure they're safe throughout the winter months. I also know the smallest wheel possible is optimal in deep snow. I've found lots of people report that 17" will fit on all '13 Edges except the Sport due to larger brake callipers. Now I've gone to several tire companies locally and they all are worried that the 17" rim will not fit because our Edge has the 20" package. Even Ford was telling me not to go 17". When I said that I thought only the Sport had bigger callipers he got defensive and said "Alright if you know best."; made me question if I did... So here I am. Does anyone know of a way that I can tell if indeed the 235/65R17 rim/tires will fit on our Limited? Or would anyone be willing to provide additional information confirming or disproving my thought that the suggested sized rim/tires will fit? Your help is much appreciated.
  5. Snafuflux

    2012 Ford Edge Limited - $24, 990

    Thanks for your responses. That vehicle was sold by the time we had made our decision. We've now found a 2013 with 65,000km for $24, 800, which has the same specs. We're currently in the works to become new (used) Ford Edge owners!
  6. Hello all, I'm in the market for an entry level SUV as our first family car. Tried many different crossovers and then by fluke we tried out an Edge. I've always loved the styling of it (esp the sport) but never thought of it as an affordable vehicle, which is why I was surprised when we came across this one. Looking for advice before emotions take over. What should I be looking for? I plan to take it to a 3rd party mechanic for a once over, but what should I, personally, be looking for (recalls, common problems)? 2012 Ford Edge Limited for $24, 990 (already dropped $1000). 3.5L with AWD. 54, 000km. Has pretty much everything you could think of (?). SYNC, Nav, Pano, Power everything, 18inch rims, backup cam, on and on... Drove it and it felt great to drive. Reviewed the carproof (Canadian here) with the dealer and it looks like one owner, no accidents, serviced at the same dealer we're dealing with. Bumper is scratched up but dealer said they'd repaint it. We think it's a good deal but I what to know what you expert Edge owners say. If all goes well and you agree it's good, I'll be a regular member on the forum. I've already spent $5000 (theoretically) in mods already! I truly appreciate any help provided.