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  1. built2prfctn

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Thanks !
  2. built2prfctn

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Any idea what the model number is of the good harness?
  3. built2prfctn

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Has anyone else got a hitch installed lately? I'm close to pulling hte trigger on one.
  4. built2prfctn

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Does anyone have any pics of these installed? The Reese hitch9(#44784), Hidden hitch(#87696) and Draw-tite hitch(#75234)
  5. built2prfctn

    HID Swap

    Why doesn't anyone understand! I dont want an HID install. I'm looking for someone who already has HIDS and installed new bulbs. Why is this so hard LOL
  6. built2prfctn

    HID Swap

    Let me know how it turns out
  7. built2prfctn

    2015 Sport oil change

    Are you guys using synthetic oil?
  8. built2prfctn

    Vinyl Wrap progress

    I would like to do that with my door sills. Any tips you have for me?
  9. built2prfctn


    I was doing it strictly for a deeper engine sound.
  10. built2prfctn

    HID Swap

    Where did you get the new bulbs?
  11. built2prfctn


    No shit dude! Forgive me for calling it a truck! And it most definitely will have a sound improvement.
  12. built2prfctn


    When the hell are they gonna release a cold air intake for the sport. I want my truck to sound badass!