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  1. Factory wiring once u get all 3 upgraded lights and then do some computer coding
  2. Nick Halstead

    ZFG Tune

    Must remember, in most areas it is winter fuel so E content is down overall
  3. Your DRL is actually in the headlight. Which you have halogen headlights and it can be turned off with forscan. The triangle LEDs on the bumper are “signature” lights and not DRLs
  4. Nick Halstead

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    are they LHD cutoff or RHD cutoff? I know Germany is LHD but that does not mean these came from a LHD Edge
  5. Nick Halstead

    Blackout chrome

    you can def wrap them. Mine have been wrapped black from about 2017-19 and then mid 19 to now in satin purple
  6. Nick Halstead

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    Painting will lose a lot of light output. Vvivd+ air has hardly any lumen loss.
  7. Nick Halstead

    EDGE SPORT Twin Turbo

    Looks good, though, I’m going to go out in a limb and say you nicknamed them raptor turbos cause there is noway raptor turbos will bolt directly up to a transverse motor.
  8. Nick Halstead

    Hello from NC

    Welcome to the forum. I'm in Raeford, NC
  9. Nick Halstead

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    They get painted at different times and the paint reacts different to plastic than metal. Can be seen on almost any car
  10. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Wetsanded both fenders and got them polished and coated. Im only doing a panel a day off and I have a hellcat and widebody charger coming in for paint correction and ceramic/graphene coatings so this will be last work the edge sees for a minute unless someone canclea
  11. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    did some wet sanding on the hood, cut it, polished it and recoated it. Turned out well. Here's some pics (FB quality) and some videos (HD). Prepping the split view Split finished Some progress completion in the sun!
  12. she sounds good too
  13. Nick Halstead

    Would you?

    Id pay extra coin for some Audi Exclusive colors. Sonoma Green, legit Nardo Grey, Ara Blue, Miami Blue
  14. Seems to be a pretty long living post. Swissvax is one of the best and lives up to its price. Chemical Guys is great if you like over paying. They are actually a marketing company that slings detail supplies. I’d personally never recommend them but they are great ar capturing the market of those who dont follow detailing. Over the counter, cant go wrong with Griots Garage and their warranty on machines. By far one of the best in the industry for warranty repairs/work. As a detail supplies wholesaler, I’ve almost used everything under the sun and dont have any favorite brand. Though I do have brands I wont use. Industry is currently in a transition period. Wax is ancient technology (think model t ford) it works and people like applying it but, you can get better protection in a product that takes less than 15mins from a Legit SIO2 (ceramic) Spray sealant like CarPro reload, Gyeon cure, Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal and various others. OTC from Megs/Mothers/Griots does not last as long. I’ll never use an actual wax on my own cars again. My Edge is coated in Ceramic and my Audi I coated in Professional Graphene (not fake Adams Ceramic Graphene, that stuff is nothing like professional grade). I could go on for days on this subject tho