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  1. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Changed the oil. 142,000 miles with 132,000 of that on a unleashed tune. Still handling her daily duties well!
  2. Nick Halstead

    replace bulb in illuminated sill plate

    its led, must replace entire unit
  3. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    I drove it for the first time in months to Charlotte. Front suspension is shot. Time for BC coilovers.
  4. Nick Halstead

    E85 tuned edge ST

    To be fair, Colin only has one turbo on his I6 B58 motor
  5. Nick Halstead

    Rear Wiper Delete

    Even did wiper delete on my RSX the first day I got it and my old Dodge Magnum. All these been through tropical storms/winter storms. Though almost all my vehicles have 5% tint on rear glass so I really don’t rely on the rear glass much
  6. Nick Halstead

    Rear Wiper Delete

    Yes, its actually on the first set of H&Rs released to the public for the Edge
  7. Nick Halstead

    Rear Wiper Delete

    I plugged it, I also dont use the washer fluid. In my 7 years I’ve never added washer fluid to the car. The dealer has prob topped it off but it has not been to one in 4 years. The rear glass is still perfectly functional. I’ve never had any visibility issues looking in my rear view and not being able to see. Does look good tho
  8. Nick Halstead

    Rear Wiper Delete

    Took this pic the other day following the wife. Just a clean look and I’ve never had a need for the rear wiper. Tropic rain storms in Hawaii to snow storms in Pennsylvania I have never not been able to see out the rear and now the snow cant pile up on the wiper, it just falls off the rear now with the defrost
  9. Nick Halstead

    Rear Wiper Delete

    Thanks for the tag @onyxbfly I plugged it, as I have every car that I have owned with a rear wiper. I didn’t want to play with buying the wrong plug so I went DIY with some plexiglass. Removed wiper, glued and sealed a square piece of glass with some sealant on the inside. Cut another piece the size of hole. Filled it again and then stuck a quarter in it for fun. Then put a piece of vinyl over that. here’s a video where you can see it
  10. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    She got washed for the first time in weeks!!!
  11. Nick Halstead

    Lowering the ST

    Maybe they installed your springs upside down? I dont even know if thats a thing. I think its impossible to mix front/rear
  12. Nick Halstead

    Lowering the ST

    Have you got an alignment to put the rear crossmember back in place?
  13. Nick Halstead

    Lowering the ST

    I think something is wrong with your install. These characteristics are not what 99% of the lowered Edges have experienced.
  14. Nick Halstead

    2.7 Mileage

    116,000 on my 15 Sport. 111,000 tuned miles also.
  15. Nick Halstead

    Pressure washer

    Pressure washer is not “required” but most people use them now cause Foam looks cool. I’ve been foaming my cars for what seems like a decade but these last 6 months, I’ve pulled the pressure washer out less and less, unless its a clients car. If getting a pressure washer just for washing a car. I’d stick to electric. And stay away from the 0degree tip.