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  1. Nick Halstead

    Blackout chrome

    Took them off
  2. Nick Halstead

    Blackout chrome

    Vivid+ dark tint. Its an air release dry application. Due to curve of taillight it’s not recommended as a first time install, unless you buy enough for 3 sets of lights and understand that you are learning as you go
  3. Nick Halstead

    SCT X4

    Returning to stock makes it not married to your Edge anymore and allows the buyer to use the device but the tunes stored on device are useless as they are for your specific vehicle. The buyer would still need to buy tunes from Torrie or any other tuner that uses the X4
  4. Nick Halstead

    SCT X4

    FYI, tunes can’t be used by buyer.
  5. Nick Halstead

    I've started to hate my ST

    Come on over to the dark side
  6. Unfortunately without doing a complete retrofit, a halogen is going to give you the most usable light. There’s options to change color via HID/LED but you are going to lose tons of “usable” light and gain a ton of foreground light that is unusable but will appear brighter due to hitting the ground directly in front of vehicle and reflecting back.
  7. Nick Halstead

    2015 edge sport BOV ?

    Same as yours.
  8. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    113,000 miles and still no oil pan gasket leak. Still by far the easiest oil change in my life.
  9. It is more resistant, but Adams is not a true Graphene Coating as its OTC. It’s more of a ceramic on steriods and can be found cheaper through other companies that B&B Blending makes products for. You will have good results though.
  10. Curious, what Graphene Coating… Edge looks good, honestly not a Ruby Red fan but it cleans up well.
  11. Nick: I have the same colored edge and i love the blacked out grill and emblem, is that a vinyl wrap or paint  hydro dip ??

  12. yeah, def forgot a word...lol
  13. Aerodynamics will always back the rear dirty
  14. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Swapped to an aftermarket grille.
  15. Nick Halstead

    Service Charging System Now

    I got this thing, now how do I use it