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  1. Nick Halstead


    Welcome to the group. Page is probably 1/100th as active as Camaro or Harley groups but some good info here. I’ve been in an Edge since 2013 and on my 2nd one. Pretty solid platform for average person. Can haul TVs and then with the tune, can haul some butt too!
  2. Nick Halstead

    Put the ST steering wheel on

    it's all wrapped
  3. after swapping OEM wheels under warranty. Made the jump to the ST wheel. Same concept, just better leather. tried out the autopilot mode, don't think it would have faired too well. installed
  4. Nick Halstead

    Tell me about your mods ?

    there is a performance site that specializes in the 3.7 mustang go fast parts, I cannot recall the site at this time though.
  5. Nick Halstead

    Tell me about your mods ?

    sadly, not much is available for the Edge as a whole and you are already tuned, intake/exhaust/springs tend to be the end for most 1.5 gen Sport owners
  6. Nick Halstead

    Tell me about your mods ?

    damn, @037 our groups are only good for wheels and paint, I'm pretty sure your group is nothing but modded sports convo's, guess only sport turbo owners would know that though
  7. Nick Halstead


    Just replaced the fronts with Bilsteins. Front left finally blew out after about 40k of being lowered. Rears are still OEM at 78k 40k of that being lowered
  8. looks like they moved it to the back of the fuse box
  9. Door code is up under the dash where your left foot would normally sit. Turn on your video and flash and stick your phone up there and you will see white sticker with black numbers
  10. Nick Halstead

    New from Va

    Welcome. What part of Va?
  11. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    took advantage of this great weather here in North Carolina today!
  12. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    all my forscan mods have been while tuned. Are you on licensed version of Forscan
  13. Nick Halstead

    Injectors, 2016 Sport TT 2.7 eco boost

    reading is fundamental and I totally missed the part that you used OEM injectors for the time being...
  14. Nick Halstead

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    GEEZ! I get 20mpg in my Sport and every 60secs is a race for me!