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  1. It is more resistant, but Adams is not a true Graphene Coating as its OTC. It’s more of a ceramic on steriods and can be found cheaper through other companies that B&B Blending makes products for. You will have good results though.
  2. Curious, what Graphene Coating… Edge looks good, honestly not a Ruby Red fan but it cleans up well.
  3. Nick: I have the same colored edge and i love the blacked out grill and emblem, is that a vinyl wrap or paint  hydro dip ??

  4. yeah, def forgot a word...lol
  5. Aerodynamics will always back the rear dirty
  6. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Swapped to an aftermarket grille.
  7. Nick Halstead

    Service Charging System Now

    I got this thing, now how do I use it
  8. Nick Halstead

    Service Charging System Now

    oddly enough, today's temps reached the 50s and driving all day and no warning. So this could be a cold weather thing. I even turned the heat on for 5 mins of driving and the warning did not pop up.
  9. Nick Halstead

    Service Charging System Now

    I have not been able to really look into it. Although the weather is not Tx bad here in NC, it still sucks. This weekend, I plan on taking the front end off to look. Its just so odd, I’m think corrosion of some sort since the vehicle loses zero functions when it happens.
  10. Nick Halstead

    Service Charging System Now

    My obdlinks device is in Pensacola with my son. But Only code with generic reader is P065B Generator - Control circuit range/performance
  11. So, getting this message randomly. Not persistent and battery voltage is fine. Scenario goes as follows, get in Edge, drive to work, 3 miles into drive, “service charging system now!” Pops up and battery icon stays lit on dash. I start to monitor battery via obd device and all is good. 15 miles down the road “service charging system now!” Pops back up and battery icon on dash goes away. This does not happen every trip and the vehicle has shown zero issues starting or functioning. I’m leaning towards changing the alternator since I am at 104,000 miles. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this or if there is something else I should look into.
  12. Nick Halstead

    Wanted: Lower LED signature (bumper) lights x 2

    you can get them off aliexpress/alibaba
  13. Nick Halstead

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    not so much to the Edge, but for the Edge, got the majority of the lights installed in the garage.
  14. Im just getting started in my garage. My 10x12 shed arrives monday to get all the non essentials out the garage.
  15. Nice. My family got me a set of lights and another omniwall panel!