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    2015 Edge Shipping?

    ordered edge titanium, got build date, june 17/15, went to the dealer yesterday, got update, he gave me railcar #, where the car was enroute, actually what siding it was passing all he couldn't confirm was railcar, storage yard, dealership
  2. i'm trying to find a way of tracking the new edge, I have the vin # but all I get on the ford ets site is a # 30.11 and no info
  3. ordered new edge titanium 4 weeks ago,hope to get it by june 20/15, about 8 weeks, thanks for the heads up on checking vehicle prior to taking it home, Ordered a Gm truck a number of years ago, got home, noticed a chip on the pass. side windshield, went back to the dealer and had a hell of a time with them. they claimed it happened when I took it home, I know it happened during transport, they did pay