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    Cooled Seats

    Brian No Zippers on the Edge - Kind of like rolling a condom off. It isn't easy as the fabric and padding is stiff. You can roll it back till you get to side airbag, that gives enough room on the back to access the TED. There is some heavy duty Velcro in the bolster channels where it meets the seat center back that needs to be loosened to get it to roll back. Shows as green in the photo. You can't roll it much higher without getting into the airbags. Just is high enough in the back to access the TED I've attached a picture and a PDF of the notes I sent to Tim when I did mine Paul Seat TED Conversion notes.pdf
  2. I had the TSB performed and didn't solve the problem. Owning a F150 with cooled seats, I was intimately aware of the issue and the fact the seats are almost identical. There is a lot of discussion of the problem on the F150Forum, which led to someone finally coming up with a solution. I installed Tim's fix and it did solve it. Thanks alot, Ford. Why did I have to buy components to resolve YOUR warranty issue. This is a link to his site. SeatGuru It can be fixed, but unfortunately, it isn't inexpensive. Paul
  3. The seat covers on an Edge do not unzip. They are "slipped" over the foam seat. You have to peel them off, kind of rolling them back on themselves. There is some velcro tabs on the front side in the seams and once they've been loosened, it peels back a little easier. It's not an easy job but it can be done. I've attached a pdf of the shop manual showing how to do it. Paul Edge_Seat Back blower motor.pdf
  4. cv27 Your mechanic doesn't know what he's talking about. If he is your resource, you might want to look elsewhere. He's going to get you in trouble. I've attached a clip of the Ford wiring diagram for the drivers seat. Two TED's, with fans. Spend a couple bucks and get the service manual and wiring diagrams from MotoCraft.com to all the naysayers 1) to the sales guys who said the backs don't cool - why'd Ford put a separate TED in the back and perforate the seat. Go back to school on your product. 2) to the mechanics and service advisors who say the bottom gets its cooling from the A/C system - why the TED in the bottom? again, learn your product. Come on people, it's not that complicated. Ford's got a hiccup in their design and they're trying to fix it with the lowest cost impact. But that approach isn't working too well. F150's, Edge's, Explorers. They've got some issues and it is beginning to haunt them.
  5. cv27, what are you looking for, specifically? The Titanium Edge has two TED's per each seat; one for the bottom (seat portion) and one for the back. The bottom one vents out to the free air under the seat. The one for the back vents to the inside of the seat and that is where the problem begins. The ambient air used by the TED gets heated and reaches a point that the TED can't overcome the heat in the system. If you get the hot air out of the seat back, then it works fine. Same problem on the F150 and the Explorer. All use similar seat designs. TWakefield from F150Forum.com has developed a fix to help alleviate this. I've applied it to my 2015 Edge, after Ford applied the TSB, which didn't fix it. After all this, my seat finally works like it should. FYI Paul
  6. I had my '15 in the shop for the TSB fix and it didn't improve it any. Added the fix that Tim Wakefield developed for the F150 and issue was then resolved.
  7. Paul Proefrock

    Cooled Seats

    I had the TSB revisions applied to my 15 Edge Titanium. It helped but didn't solve the back issue 100%. Also own a F150 so am familiar with the issues. On the F150 Forum, TWakefield has developed a fix that finally addresses the issue. Seems the air from the TED (ThermoElectric Device) that generates cooling discharges into the seat cavity, causing it to heat up and negate or greatly reduce the upper back cooling. He's made an adapter that vents the hot air out into the passenger compartment (under the seat) which greatly improves the operation of the seat back. The thread on the F150 forum is almost 300 pages long but very good reading if you're having the issue. Thread Link if you'd like to see Tim's website that address this, here's that link: TWakefield Mod I've installed the mod on my seats and would have to say they are now at 85% of what the bottom seats are. Temperatures in the midwest should be in the 70's shortly so I'm ahead of the curve for this summers use. FYI Paul
  8. Does Ford Customer Service have a rep who monitors this site? I also own a F150 and the F150Forum.com is monitored by Ford. Looking for a similar site for our 2015 Edge. If not this site, does anyone know which Edge forum it is? thanks Paul
  9. Paul Proefrock

    Cooled Seats

    Here's a PDF of TSB15-0166 Paul tsb15-0166.pdf
  10. Paul Proefrock

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Spoke to Curt Mfg today regarding hitches for our vehicles. Not a big fan of the exposed tube version they've come out with. They said they do not have a more concealed hitch in the plans - but that they are working on a hitch for the Sport version. No ETA date. They have had a Sport model in their shop and measured but still working on it. Maybe it will fit my Titanium and be a little more hidden - I can only hope Paul
  11. Paul Proefrock

    Titanium tailgate and hill - won't close

    Ran it thru the Ford system today and they fixed the hatch problems. Seems there is a directive to reFlash the body module for the tailgate not latching. No mention of issues due to hills but after the reflash, the hill issue goes away. Paul
  12. Paul Proefrock

    Titanium tailgate and hill - won't close

    Yes, closing it manually, it will latch and stay closed. The issue is electrical related.
  13. Paul Proefrock

    Tow package and hitch on 2015 Edge

    See my post in the Sport Towing thread Post#20 There are some real issues for aftermarket hitches. If you think you remotely are interested in a hitch, spend the $400 to get it as a factory option. Paul
  14. Paul Proefrock

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    I've been investigating this for my Titanium and finding some unsettling info. The factory part (crossrail and receiver) lists at 600+. With my dealer discount, it comes in around $475, way too rich. Plus have learned the factory mount cuts thru the facia pieces so they have to be modified or replaced - both the painted skin and the grey lower piece. Also learned if you have the toe-kick gate, the sensor bar and the connector box is different for the trailer hitch option, meaning another $125 in parts to make that work. I've looked at the Curt aftermarket unit and the cross tube hangs below the facia. I think they did this since there isn't much clearance between the exhaust and the inner edges of the facia. Probably going to be very difficult to get a hidden crossbar of sufficient strength in there to weld the receiver to. We may have to put up with either higher total mod price or visible crossbar. Has anyone installed an aftermarket unit to confirm the toe-kick sensor works as it should? Paul
  15. Paul Proefrock

    2015 Edge MPG

    My 2015 Titanium V6 AWD is getting 24.3 avg between city and highway. Pure highway driving at 75 is producing 25.5 mpg. Hoping it gets better but really pleased with the first 5600 miles Paul