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  1. interesting...that you say too high for the projectors, I get a hi/lo flashing from oncoming traffic at night as if my brights are on when they are not...can they/should they be adjusted downwaed?
  2. I can see the difference when I pull into the driveway and it reflects on the garage door. Its a pale yellow light, whereas the wife as a Audi Q5 that has the Xenon lights but the price difference is close to 15K
  3. My sticker on my 2015 SEL says "Proj Beam Halogen Headlghts" What is the difference?
  4. paulsgs

    Emblem removal

    The floss breaks pretty quickly, go right to the fishing line. Use the hairdryer carefully, in fact, on the SEL letters I didn't even use it, the line sliced right through it. Then I used a spray adhesive remover to clean IT UP.
  5. Don't know what happened, last Friday SYNC screen looked to be updating it self then eventually went all Black with a Dialogue box that Says Application Error. Feels just like when I'm at the office and we get the "blue death screen". At least there I can call IT and get it fixed. I called Ford, they said bring it in, I asked if I could just disconnect the battery to reset it myself and he warned me not to do that. I then called my selling dealer and he said not to do that as it will erase some codes. I made an appointment for next week. I find this very annoying for a new car.
  6. paulsgs

    Delivery Delay of my 2015 Edge Titanium

    I reserved mine (it was already Dealer ordered) in early May with a two week delivery. Did not get it till August. Same deal "some quality control issue" with a Pillar leak. Called , emailed, checked the Ford site with the VIN and nobody give even tell me where it was. I then got the heads up that it was on the "truck" , but coudn't locate the truck since they are independant I told the woman, "how stupid, the driver must have a cell phone, the guy who loaded the truck must know who the driver is" . Anyway, to no avail. Follow up, the driver door sounded like opening a crypt and after calling they suggested I get graphite grease to put on the "plastic door stop/arm. (when did they go to plastic?) . Then I noticed that a 4" by 4" plastic modual with wires is on the floor under both front seats, afte fiddling around, I snapped them into place where they belong, whats up with that quality control?
  7. paulsgs

    Class of 2016 Anyone?

    I just took delivery of my 2015 SEL. I was thinking about waiting as well, but when I found out it was 2-3 higher MRSP and the only diff was the Sync 3, it didnt seem worth it. As far as 14 vs 15 vs 16, if you didnt like the '15, the platform on the '16 will be exactly the same as the '1f so you may not be any happier.You may want to stay with your 14
  8. paulsgs

    quality issue with 2015 model

    I have the driver door that sounds like it has never been lubed since its building
  9. paulsgs

    2015 Edge delays'

    I just received my 2015 on 7/19/15, was ordered by the dealer in April. The issue I found already is the driver door makes a sound like a crunch or squeek whenever its opened. Its coming from that part theat keeps the door from swinging too far open, its a solid plastic piece, nor metal so I'm unsure how and if it should be lubed. I am awaiting an answer from my dealer on it. Surprised no one noticed it, considering the amount of times THAT door specifically was opened and closed.
  10. paulsgs

    Can anyone find my 2015 Ford Edge

    How do I PM them, is it through this forum? or somewhere else?
  11. paulsgs

    Can anyone find my 2015 Ford Edge

    Got on the ETIS site with the VIN and sure enough it has a leak of some kind ! No idea what that means or where it is but I guess the dealer was telling the truth . Do I wait for it or just settle on another color thats in stock? Outstanding Field Service Actions 15B21 - A-PILLAR WATER LEAK INSPECTION AND REPAIR
  12. paulsgs

    Can anyone find my 2015 Ford Edge

    Ok I have 5 posts !
  13. paulsgs

    Can anyone find my 2015 Ford Edge

    I have the VIN number, I'll try it and let you know!
  14. paulsgs

    Can anyone find my 2015 Ford Edge

    I ha I havent but will on your suggestion
  15. I bought an Edge that I was told was expected 2 weeks ago and still not here after a month. After calling Ford, they said its in "transit". After calling the dealer, he said the same but that it might have been sent back due to "leaks that these things typically have" . Is this anyway to run a Car company? IF I provide the VIN number, does anyone have a way to really find out what happened?