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    Had to join forum to share this story...

    First, I simply wanted this information; 1. What's wrong with the vehicle 2. When will the part arrive 3. What day do you think the repair may be completed By not receiving any answers to the 3 topics in 3.5 weeks, I kinda think that might be just a little tiny bit complaint worthy, yes? No? Second, you just never know what you may receive when you contact the president's office of a company with a concern or complaint. Sure, it's probably not going to be viewed by him personally but a smart executive assistant knows that they don't know who you are or what you do for a living i.e., can you generate bad press or worse for the company if the message is disregarded completely? It worked for me once with my satellite TV provider, got free 3 months and a complimentary sports package subscription for one season. So why not take a shot, I've got 5 minutes and a computer.
  2. So I had been having intermittent problems with the liftgate for a while (goes halfway up, doesn't latch on first attempt, etc) so I had set aside a day to take my 2011 Edge Sport to the local dealership (Jersey City Ford). In the days leading up to the saved date, I was getting the "key not detected" indication on the dash. I would have to unlock/lock and remote start the car with the fob, then turn it off and wait for the car to detect the key, this worked up until the actual day I planned to take the car to the dealer, it took a half hour for the car to "wake up" and detect the key. I knew I would have to pick a weekday during a week I was on vacation because everything moves painfully slow at this dealer, and sure enough, I was told it would take a "day or two" to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. So after 3 days and 2 calls placed to the service advisor, my call is returned and I am told that the liftgate needs a part that is on backorder and will be in the following week. "What do you guys do in regards to loaners, because I need to get to work next week", I said. "We have a relationship with the local Budget, take your service order paperwork to them and you'll get a Ford at $30 per day and your warranty will reimburse you up to $30 per day for car rentals.", he said. So I go to Budget and pick up my "loaner" and the following week I'm told the liftgate issue is resolved but another part, for the key detection issue, is on backorder and will be in the following week. Rent the car for another week...in the middle of that week I'm told the part is coming from Nevada and will be here in the next couple of days and the fix should only take a few hours. At this point I realize that these people haven't the slightest idea where this part is coming from and when it will get there so I get a case generated with the Ford Customer Relationship people. They take a couple of days to get back to you as they have to do some investigating themselves but this guy got back to me rather quickly and stated that the part in question is made by a manufacturer that makes the part for production, not for replacement...it is VIN specific. At the end of last week, the service manager called me and said to turn in the rental car and now they have an official loaner car at the dealer waiting for me. I said why now? He stated that they're not sure when the part will get there and how long it will take to fix and test....finally some truth. Monday of this week I see I have a missed call and voicemail...service advisor, "The part is here so we should have your vehicle ready for delivery by EOD Tuesday or today (Wednesday)". Shortly after that, I received a call from Ford Customer Relationships.... "We know now that as of today, the part has been shipped and will be at the dealer this week, I will follow up with you again on Friday." SO.......who's not telling the truth? The part had shipped on Monday, or it arrived at the dealer on Monday? Who knows, it's Wednesday and I've left a message with the dealer...as usual. Message returned with a voicemail from the service manager.....hopefully tomorrow your car will be ready...I won't be holding my breath. Throughout this process I have emailed Mark Fields, Denise Feil, and William Ford Jr. in search of something....help, info, compensation. I'm just a Ford fan with Ford traditions in my family but I'm rapidly becoming an outraged consumer. These obsiquious bastards cant even tell me exactly what is/was wrong with the car. I guess if I had any questions for the forum at the end of this rant it would be....What should I be looking for in terms of some compensation? Service, maintenance, oil changes, full detail?