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    TPMS sensor - which MHZ?

    An Answer (ta-da): I kept at this, and got a reply from a local dealer, AutoNation Ford in White Bear Lake, MN. They said the Edge, like almost all vehicles, uses a 315 MHZ sensor, #9L3Z-1A189-A for $54.46 each. Better, they sell a kit, #TPMSKIT, for $140 that includes 4 sensors plus a "training tool.". The kit does not show up on the Ford Parts area of the website, so Chris said you need to call 800-328-9552 to order it. As I have had good experiences with this dealer long-term, I am going to plug them a bit. They tend to sell at cost + 10%, including Ford Performance Parts, and they will ship anywhere. Good people with whom to do business.
  2. jon-h

    TPMS sensor - which MHZ?

    Great reference to the website. Unfortunately, it will not let me access any information on the VSM module or TPMS, stating I must run the network test application to confirm the exact configuration of this vehicle. I have now also contacted tire shops and repair shops, and the only suggestion is removing a tire to examine a currently-mounted sensor. This seems ridiculous, like dealing with BMW for my car. Any other ideas?
  3. jon-h

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    I wonder if the price disparity is regional? I bought our 2014 Limited EcoBoost in Minnesota, slightly used, and it was priced very similarly to comparable V6s but over $10k less than new. (Gotta love people who eat that initial depreciation.) When we travel, I'm usually 4-5mph over the posted limit, figuring there will be faster drivers to garner unwanted attention. Mileage has varied with terrain. Flat, like Iowa and Nebraska, I saw 31-33.5 mpg. Through Kentucky and Tennessee, almost always up or down hill, I was typically about 26-27.5 mpg. In typical "suburban-type" driving, I am somewhat disappointed with 17.5-19 mpg. I will say the power output is very good; actually rather astounding from a 2.0 liter in a 4400# vehicle. However, with the power comes a lot of torque steer under heavy acceleration, and a lot of chirping of the tires from a stop, even though I am not stomping on it and supposedly have traction control as part of the AdvanceTrac. I am a bit concerned as to how well this will work in a Minnesota winter, but will know more in a few months. Also, somewhat on this topic, and maybe contradictory, you will want to "get your foot into it" once a while to help prevent carbon buildup on the exhaust valves. This seems to be an issue with all manufacturers' direct-injection, turbocharged engines, including BMW. I use full-synthetic oil, also, just for over-all peace of mind, and have experienced using 1/2 quart of oil between 5000 mile oil changes. As you would expect, the comfort and quietness is excellent. It looks and drives like a more expensive vehicle than it is. I would buy this again, unless my wife would get over her prejudice and let me buy the BMW X5 diesel I really want.
  4. jon-h

    TPMS sensor - which MHZ?

    I'm looking to mount winter tires on spare rims for a 2014 Edge Limited FWD EcoBoost. Parts sellers, including chains and the local Ford dealer parts website, list 2 TPMS sensors for this vehicle: 315 MHZ or 433 MHZ. Does anyone know how to determine which of these is correct for a specific vehicle? They are not interchangeable, from what I have seen. The dealer website does not recognize my VIN, so that is not providing any insight. Any help would be much appreciated.