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  1. The end of the line for the what happens at 200,000 miles with a Ford Edge will continue in the what happens at 300,000 miles.
  2. Last week. Now 298,223 miles. This week will see 299,000 plus miles.
  3. Another mile stone deserves a new thread. Follow what happens with my Ford Edge 2011 Limited FWD 3.5 duratec
  4. You can never go wrong with a KYB strut, Motorcraft strut bearing mount combination. This combo has served me well and based on experience along with trial and error trying other mounts and struts
  5. macbwt

    Double Edged

    Blueberry has reached the point of needing new shocks and struts. Thus a video on removing the shocks and needing to remove the lift gate motor to access the drivers side quarter panel to change out the shock. .