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  1. macbwt

    Transmission flush?

    The transmission fluid exchange does work if you do it about every 30-40K miles using a Mercon LV fluid (yes it works with the 2007-2010 also) Keep the fluid fresh and it will help the whole system. I have NEVER replaced a transmission filter in the 6F50 transmission in nearly 700,000 accumulated miles between three Edges with two of them being over 285,000 miles each. Maintenance folks keep the fluids changed.
  2. LU is smiling at 296,000 soon. Pretty sure 300,000 is going to happen before Christmas. As a celebration after the first of the year LU will be receiving her first ever new water pump, chains, tensioners, guides etc. Pretty sure it is time as the ole Duratec is making a bit of noise so pushing it just a bit more. This will be 15K more than the 2008 Edge ran.