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  1. As LU nears 320,000 miles I have had to charge the dead 5yrs old battery that I drained due to leaving the Dash Cam plugged in for 1 week and not driving LU. I am also changing the oil early (8K miles) as LU is down 1 qt. Viscosity must of burned off as it was a mix of oils and I think a few of the cheap quarts burned off. Going with Shell Rotella gas truck 5W30 because that is what I have on the shelf. Either way LU is still motoring on without any other maintenance.
  2. I change coolant every 30K miles with peak (long life now called 10x) I use synthetic oil and change according to my driving situation which is mostly highway. 10-12K miles interval generally or until I am nearing a quart low which ever comes first. I use ANY synthetic oil and have been known to create mixes of multiple brands and viscosity.
  3. I will of course provide testing to either dis-spell opinions or confirm them. In the mean time your PTU you do what you want I will use testing to shore up my side.
  4. Apparently the video was not viewed and some respondents completely missed the FORD Gear oil recommendations. The 2019 Edge PTU is not the same PTU as all of the previous PTU's Ford Reduced the gear oil viscosity needed for the PTU. I posted this in the video directly from the Ford Ownership manual in the video. Please look before you leap other wise you may hurt yourself. Oh an I have tested the gear oil as my expense. I test both used and new gear lube. I have also personally had written and verbal communications with Phillips/Red Line oil company. So what you say my just be an opinion vs my facts and data. Every one has an opinion some good some bad. Shrill voices tend to eventually be ignored.