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  1. Lulubelle is now over 335,000 miles and has had her first big oil change with over 3K miles on it after the rebuild. I will post oil test results via Youtube channel once the testing is done.
  2. 330,000 miles and the water pump failed for the first time. Lulubelle is now back on the road and has over 335,000 miles on her. This is the complete play list for the events before durning and after the water pump failure.
  3. Amazingly some times you can go back to other model years in the line up and still get compatible parts for that generation. Strange but true.
  4. Well it finally happened. Lulubelle's water pump failed at just about 330,000 miles. We have completely rebuilt the entire front end of the 3.5 Duratec with all new Motorcraft parts. She is now back on the road and running great. The aim is now at least 500,000 miles on this Duratec if not more.