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  1. macbwt

    Struts and shocks, Motorcraft or KYB?

    I replace strut bearing mount every time I replace struts. By the way I just replace a set at 80K miles and they would not even extend out for 10 minutes. So change them at least every 60K miles otherwise they are just place holders after that.
  2. I am not gone, but I have also seen that the Edge is due to die and I will continue to help and make videos on the Edge since I have so many. However my new favorite toy is a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport 3.5 TT ecoboost that I am now working on. IT is a beast and with some tweaks will be even better. Stay tuned to the MACT Garage channel for more Explorer, Toyota and Smart car videos. Plus other vehicles as I get to work on them.
  3. Yep they keep piling up and adding up. MY 3rd Ford Edge to hit the 200,000 miles mark and time to so some work on her. This one is called Blueberry. Might be because it is Kona Blue and my daughters were not imaginative at the time. Any way new shocks, wheel bearings on rear and soon in a few weeks new front struts, Knuckle and hubs assemblies and some other minor work. Plus this summer a preventive water pump replacement as my youngest daughter will be driving in a year and a half and this will be her vehicle at 16 yrs old.
  4. This is how you always want your transmission fluid to look when you drain it after 50K plus miles. I put it off as I usually drain it at 30K miles. Why? because I have 6F50 transmissions still running great at 400,000 miles with on break downs.
  5. macbwt

    Transmission flush?

    FYI Mercon LV on a 2011 Ford Edge 6F50 transmission with nearly 400,000 miles is running great and feels like new. Crawls up the ramps easy for it's 30K fluid 3X changes. Using Valvoline Maxlife LV fluid most if it's life. Now have over 1,000,000 accumulated miles on my 6F50's with not one single failure using Valvoline Max life LV fluid (not a sponsor) just sticking with what works for me.
  6. Follow up. Lulubelle is approaching 400,000 miles on the original engine with the front end rebuild and still rocking the solid and very reliable 6F50 transmission originally mated to the engine. This 6F50 transmission has suffered no failures at all. Keep in mind it had continuously receive 30K transmission fluid 3X drain and fills. I am personally on my 3rd Ford Edge passing 200,000 miles and have accumulated over 1,000,000 miles on Ford Edges with not one single water pump or transmission failure on any Ford Edge I have ever owned.
  7. The fix is simple but expensive depending on the type you have. If you have the lower trim version then congrats you got off cheap ($200) if you have the SONY then I am sorry you get to spend over $500 to get a USED one to replace the failed SONY. I am in that boat and bit the bullet so to speak and bought an EBAY replacement. Yep it works and now everything is functioning. Good now maybe. I have a volunteer that is going to tear into the FCIM and carefully try to repair the FCIM or at least try to determine if it can be repaired. I predict this issue will only increase in frequency as the parts are now approaching 12 plus years old with lots of heat and cold cycles to help the failures and vibrations etc. Ford Has see fit to discontinued nearly every FCIM I have searched for. Maybe you can get a new one by filling out the special form at the Ford Dealership but you will have to try to figure that out. Right now used is about the best and only choice.
  8. I will be moving my content to the Ford Explorer side of the forum. I will still maintain my fleet of Ford Edges from 2011 through 2019. Time to move over to the Explorer world and begin by doing a complete fluid change of everything to start off on the right foot as it is a 2017 Explorer Sport 3.5 TT Ecoboost. Stay tuned for the introduction video on MACT Garage on Youtube and Facebook.
  9. Yep they snuck that into the 2021 Infrastructure bill. This will be costly to maintain if you know anything about the detection systems. Also say good by to your morning mouthwash. Stinky breath is mandatory.
  10. Yes we did replace the water pump at 330,000 miles. Uses no oil and the 6F50 transmission fluid drains just about as red as when it went in every 30K miles. The engine as with all my duratecs run 10W30 synthetic off the shelf oils (you choose the brand) Oh and the power steering is the original power steering system which also gets changed every 30K miles. Even the AC system is all original. Plus it is the original brake booster.
  11. Too many videos to post. However Herbie the SEL (SPORT) sleeper is running very well. Over 15,000 miles on Herbie and MercyGirl is driving and loving Herbie.
  12. The water pump was changed out at 330,000 miles and the entire front end of the engine was rebuilt.