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  1. I will of course provide testing to either dis-spell opinions or confirm them. In the mean time your PTU you do what you want I will use testing to shore up my side.
  2. Apparently the video was not viewed and some respondents completely missed the FORD Gear oil recommendations. The 2019 Edge PTU is not the same PTU as all of the previous PTU's Ford Reduced the gear oil viscosity needed for the PTU. I posted this in the video directly from the Ford Ownership manual in the video. Please look before you leap other wise you may hurt yourself. Oh an I have tested the gear oil as my expense. I test both used and new gear lube. I have also personally had written and verbal communications with Phillips/Red Line oil company. So what you say my just be an opinion vs my facts and data. Every one has an opinion some good some bad. Shrill voices tend to eventually be ignored.
  3. Got rid of the corrosive orange and went with the Peak 10X. Why? Because Ford put out documentation to flush it out and replace it with yellow.
  4. Changed the oil in the 2.0 Ecoboost. Installed a fumoto valve to make the oil changes easier and no tools.
  5. Getting a bit of a rattle at 312,000 miles from the AC compressor. Fairly certain that is the noisy part. Going to let it ride a bit longer. Thinking it is the bearing on the pulley. AC is running fine. Other than that just doing my daily drives. Had another accident and will be receiving a check for about 1700 dollars. Not going to repair it this time as I only have liability and the value of the vehicle is just not supporting a repair.
  6. Documented the amount in the PTU. Plugs and tools required. Pretty easy job with the right tools and car ramps.