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  1. macbwt

    MACT oil sample testing series

    Seems I get some questions on how and who I use for oil samples hope this answers the questions.
  2. macbwt

    MACT Ford Edge weekly Live videos

    From 10 November 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJIrSgtjbuQ
  3. macbwt

    Coolant loss

    Get the engine oil sampled. This will tell you two things. Condition of the engine and if there is coolant in the oil. Then go from there.
  4. macbwt

    Blown Head Gasket....2007 SEL.

    The water pump failed. Highly doubt the head gaskets have fail unless you drove to near catastrophic over heating and complete failure. More to it than just a new water pump though. Pump, VCT's, guides, chain, tensiors etc.
  5. Never had an issue with the directional of the Strut bearing mount. There may be and arrow on it pointing in the direction so look closely when removing it. then re-install in the same manner. Monroe would only be my choice if they were the last set in the entire web. Check the spring diameter on the monroes and then the factory spring diameter. You may be very surprised.