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  1. I will be moving my content to the Ford Explorer side of the forum. I will still maintain my fleet of Ford Edges from 2011 through 2019. Time to move over to the Explorer world and begin by doing a complete fluid change of everything to start off on the right foot as it is a 2017 Explorer Sport 3.5 TT Ecoboost. Stay tuned for the introduction video on MACT Garage on Youtube and Facebook.
  2. Yep they snuck that into the 2021 Infrastructure bill. This will be costly to maintain if you know anything about the detection systems. Also say good by to your morning mouthwash. Stinky breath is mandatory.
  3. Yes we did replace the water pump at 330,000 miles. Uses no oil and the 6F50 transmission fluid drains just about as red as when it went in every 30K miles. The engine as with all my duratecs run 10W30 synthetic off the shelf oils (you choose the brand) Oh and the power steering is the original power steering system which also gets changed every 30K miles. Even the AC system is all original. Plus it is the original brake booster.
  4. Too many videos to post. However Herbie the SEL (SPORT) sleeper is running very well. Over 15,000 miles on Herbie and MercyGirl is driving and loving Herbie.
  5. The water pump was changed out at 330,000 miles and the entire front end of the engine was rebuilt.
  6. So far thousands of miles running the 5W40 synthetic oils on my 2.0 Ecoboost and fighting the dilution of the oil due to the fuel in the oil. I will say the metals and wear are all down and the 2.0 Ecoboost is running like a champ. More testing in the future to provide more data. I may very well jump the oil viscosity to 10W40 Eurospec oil for turbos soon at the next oil change. I am really liking the results and the fight to maintain viscosity due to fuel is ongoing.
  7. My 2019 Ford Edge Titanium AWD had coolant loss with the VEP Engine. The engine is fine however Ford fixed the engine block but decided to create another coolant loss issue by adding an EGR cooler that leaked internally and added coolant to the engine and some even entered the oil system and I have the oil test to prove it. Ford diagnosed the cool leak in the EGR cooler and replaced it under my Ford ESP that I am so happy to say I extended to another 5 yrs and 150,000 miles. Just keep in mind the 2019 VEP engine is good. However people mistakenly jump to conclusions on the 2019+ VEP engine and do not know what they are talking about.
  8. Lulubelle is not dead. Matter of fact the 2011 Ford Edge Limited FWD with the 3.5 duratec is still rocking it on the highways at 355,000 miles and counting.
  9. The answer is not really. Matter of fact a 3.7 for a Lincoln MKT will fit and work perfectly.