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  1. Running at the 290,000 mile mark and LU the 2011 Edge is so smooth with the new complete suspension replacement. the cost and work was worth the effort. LU is paid off and recently evaluated for trade in at 2300 dollars by a dealer. LOL I asked for the trade in evaluation expecting low ball dealer trade in price. The thing is this Edge show excellent wear in oil testing on the engine and transmission. It runs flawlessly and is still on the OE water pump and timing chains. Oil changes are at 250 hour intervals (over 10K miles) using a different synthetic oil each oil change. I also checked under the Edge and hardly any rust and no leaks. This is one tight Edge with many more miles to go. LU is a keeper.
  2. Another video about the preparation for the $1800 dollar suspension rebuild project. The project has been completed and more videos will follow. I will say it was needed and LU now drives nearly like a new Edge again. Well worth the effort.
  3. As ole Brittney Spears said. Opps I did it again. Second Ford Edge to 285,500 miles and not one water pump failure. This video covers what I repaired comparing the two gens to each other.
  4. Just an update. Lulubelle is now peaking at 283,000 miles and will soon pass the Orange Crush in mileage. The 1.5 Gen however has proved to be a much better gen Edge as far as wear and tear. No major issues and that water pump is still pumping even though it is the OE water pump. Let head off to 300,000 and see what new territory looks like.
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    I finally decided to install auto vent shades on the side windows of both Edge's