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  1. macbwt

    AGM Battery recommendation

  2. But then they skip and say hey you did not mention this....LOL
  3. macbwt

    2016+ PTU issues

  4. macbwt

    2016+ PTU issues

  5. macbwt

    Need New Battery

    Made it 5 yrs then I left the dash cam running for weeks and seriously killed the battery by discharging it too low. I have a new Odyssey Battery now.
  6. Here is the second part.
  7. Jeff and I got together with Antonio (19rs old) to help guide him through his repairs. 2 part series.
  8. As LU nears 320,000 miles I have had to charge the dead 5yrs old battery that I drained due to leaving the Dash Cam plugged in for 1 week and not driving LU. I am also changing the oil early (8K miles) as LU is down 1 qt. Viscosity must of burned off as it was a mix of oils and I think a few of the cheap quarts burned off. Going with Shell Rotella gas truck 5W30 because that is what I have on the shelf. Either way LU is still motoring on without any other maintenance.
  9. I change coolant every 30K miles with peak (long life now called 10x) I use synthetic oil and change according to my driving situation which is mostly highway. 10-12K miles interval generally or until I am nearing a quart low which ever comes first. I use ANY synthetic oil and have been known to create mixes of multiple brands and viscosity.